Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 6 - Neuro Release!

Day 6

Dr.Bragg came in this morning as did her Resident previous to her and the resident asked how I was doing and what I thought about going home - I just said while I think there has only been some improvement since fri (some times are sooo good and some are just plain not great) that I still wanted to go home as I thought I could do the same there as I am doing here. This way I wont miss ERT (infusion) tomorrow and when Dr. Bragg came in she said I could fup with her later this week plus we would eval. She also said she had the picture(s) from surgery but the reason she kept forgetting to bring them was she had it in her O.R locker and stowed in the back of this so as not to get lost but that she would bring it to clinic if this was ok. She just said that the picture was for me and my name was on it so I could take it when she did bring it if I wanted. I will post it here. She said they took the pic when she was looking through the scope in to the shunt catheter and could see granules or something like that scattered throughout the shunt catheter. She seemed to think it was really cool so I bet it will be interesting to see and I will post here.

I follow up with her thurs so im sure she'll eval the valve/r/eservoir for refill time as this was how she initially figured out what was going on with my shunt last week and a way for her to eval patency. Otherwise she said she could take off the gauze and staples from my head and I think any sutures would be dissolvable but im not sure if the incision itself is any longer than the previous, initial VP insertion so if not it would likely only be 2 or 3 sutures if that. Several of the nurses ive had over the past 6 days have stopped by to say bye and wish me luck staying out of the hospital - no one wants to guess how long it will be this time so we all are just wishing for a long period of no shunt issues. I pray this just improves further and further!

Today I plan to just go to the grocery store so I can get the basics like milk and bread and cereal so I can figure out something good to take for infusion tomorrw - it always makes it a little better when I have something good to eat even if I dont always eat what I bring due to appetite. Nothing beats good food even if just to have. :)
Will update soon - if nothing enlightening becomes before thurs I will try to update how the neurosurgery appt goes.

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