Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1 week Post-Op

Incision at upper cest - shunt tracts down from front of forehead behind haieline to behind ear and then downward to where the 2nd valve sits under this dressing.

Reaction to the tegaderm used to cover eyes during surgery  "raccoon' look.

Lumbar incision - LP shunt removed.

It's no longer 'welcome to D6/4' but 'Welcome back' from the nurses.
 Lumbar incision a week later
 Stomach incisions from LP and VP shunt removal and replacement

Side incision from removal of LP shunt  reservoir and valve
 Shunt card for the 2ns valve. (paedi-gav)
Just  a quick note - I basically guessed and thankfully was right about what labs the Infectious Disease docs wanted since I hadnt received a lab order from the neurosurgery floor discharge team on fri. I called my PCP and asked them if they would be able to order the labs and they where fine with this. I'll probably see if I can do the other Lab at UW on thurs. Lisa, from my neurosurgeons office called today and she confirmed it was a CBC w/diff and also let me know that so far the CSF culture has come back negative (day 6) and that they would cont to watch the culture to make sure nothing grew back.  I see them thurs to get the stitches out of the various different incisions - in total I imagine there is around 20ish sutures and 2 of the incisions I think are dissolvable so it is the staples in my head and side + back incisions that will get removed + the small incision in my upper chest.

It was a completly exhausting and tiring weekend but we had alot of fun - sat we (sister, mom, sister-in-law and niece) went to Appleton and then on sun we baked pretty well all day. Needless once I did finally fall sleep sun night I slept well! Other than waking up pretty often having to go to the bathroom I did sleep and last night think I may have finally caught up some what. I will be thrilled when the linezolid (zyvox) is done - shoot I may throw a party, this med sure causes unending fatigue on top of all the other stuff!

Will update after tomorrow's Urology and thurs Neurosurgery appts.
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