Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back in UW Hospital admitted through ER, surgery Weds.

Just a really quick update - i'll post more details likely tomorrow - but I called my neurosurgeons nurse today and filled her in on this weekend/the past few days since thurs when I saw my neurosurgeon and how things havent improved. She asked a few questions and specifically about the throwing up ive experienced again in the past few days since I got the staples out and as these headaches seemed to progress again. Anyways Lisa called me back after talking to Dr.Bragg and initialy they where going to find a spot on the surgery schedule for the next week but because of the vomiting they asked that I go to the ER because they wanted me to be admitted and to put me on for an 'elective' surgery tomorrow but the only way to do this since it isnt one of my neurosurgeons normal surgery days was to admit me through the ER. Initially my Dad and I had a bit of a wait as the ER was backed up but then once we where in a room things moved swiftly as Lisa and Dr.Bragg had put in orders that surgery was going to be tomorrow and I was to be admitted to D6/4 (neurosurgery floor) from ER. A short brain MRI was done and many labs as well as the neuro assessment by the ER doc and Neuro-Resident. From ER room to being on D6-4 the time was less than 2 hours which is actually quite impressive. Once on the floor quite a few more labs where drawn after the IV Access Team accessed my Port and a EKG was done as well as 2 X-rays. Ive had zofran (throwing up) and dilaudid by IV but otherwise just chilling in my room here with the headaches occuring intermittently. I'll see in the morning what time the surgery will be and if it will in fact occur tomorrow (always the possibility it could get pushed back because of a full schedule). From what I understand the plan is to explore the shunt again and then likely place a second valve on the shunt which would slow down CSF and thus prevent the hope is the ventricle from collapsing and causing headaches and shunt failure. I'll post more in my next update on what the surgery will be or correct info about the thinking behind this second valve if I am posting anything wrong here.

All for now -  I hope and pray this is the last surgery for a while, a long while with this shunt!
Thanks for prayers,

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  1. Keeping our fingers crossed that this shunt will be a success and not have to have revisions. Keep us posted if they decide to add second valve. (((hugs))) to you!