Monday, January 23, 2012

Surgery (revision) #11 / #14

This almost seems nuts to write but tomorrow will be revision #14 and #11 since last May 2011. I have to be at the hospital at 8:30 and surgery is scheduled  at 10:30. Pre-op went fine on fri with my PCP's concerns being the cardiac issues and airway as well as making sure the cortisol replacement (cortisol is a stress hormone and has to be given in a large dose 1 hour prior to any procedures or surgeries to prevent the body from having extreme problems.) This is a med I take in a much smaller dose to replace the deficient cortisol every morning and afternoon. As far as cardiac issues my Cardiologist had just upped the lasix dose mid-last week which has helped improve breathing (reducing pressure load on the heart and taking off fluid) but he is holding off on increasing the diltiazem dose until I am recovered from this surgery - that increase would be for abnormal heart rhythms secondary to the atrial enlargement and valve issues.

Since I had ERT today the nurse just left my Port accessed and I will cover it before I shower and then change the dressing after so that skin doesnt break down as otherwise frequently occurs when any kind of dressing or material is on my skin for to long. (I have a pain patch I wear and ended up with essentially a first degree burn from it bc of such skin sensitivity and anytime my neurosurgeon uses dissolvable stitches she takes them out at the fup appt de to skin irritation.) 

I think Dr.Bragg is only replacing and moving the proximal part of the shunt from the current location to a more suitable ventricle at the back of my head which likely means opening the current incision, the incision behind my ear and making the new one. If the 2nd valve that sits at my collarbone looks alright I think she plans to leave this in place though she had mentioned it is up higher than is normal.
I'll update when possible - stay tuned,


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  1. Lots of prayers coming your way, Erica. Hope all goes well and that there will not have to be #15!!! Yes, keep us posted. (((Hugs)))
    Vicki Merrell