Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Neurosurgeon call / Surgery plan change

I am still trying to figure my new netbook out so just going to post a quick update here.

Dr.Bragg called earlier today as she said she had been thinking a lot about tomorrows surgery and wanted to know what I thought of trying a different, less intensive approach first to the shunts and she explained her thoughts. Last year after we had removed the LP shunt (infection) and replaced the VP shunt we added a 2nd valve to the VP shunt to increase back pressures due to on-going occlusions and catheter issues to in-theory see if that would help keep the very small ventricles ok and catheter open. Later we added the LP shunt back and had 2 functioning shunts again but some issues.

Taking out this 2nd valve on the VP shunt is a simpler surgery and recovery then it would be to externalize an end of the shunt, drain outside the body and later have to put it back in also surgically. She said if this taking out of the 2nd valve doesn't work then in a week or two we will go back to 'Plan A' w externalizing a portion of the shunt and draining outside the body to see if under-drainage and CSF absorption issues where the cause.

I really hope this simpler plan will work. Praying!!  (I know God has a plan even if I don't understand it and lately I sure feel questioning about it all even though I truely do believe.)

My co-sunday school teacher and I where talking last wk ad I had let her know I was having surgery and she was asking ques about it all.(this thankfully falls on the first of by 2 off weeks (Joan and I do 2 on,  2 off so we each don't have to teach every Sunday which is nice). Anyways I got and email from one of my Pastors saying he and Joan where planning to drive to Madison to the hospital Weds to visit which I thought was nice especially since we've only known each other since the beginning of sunday school less than 2 mo ago. :)

I'll try to update after surgery tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by, Erica


10/23 Pre-op Physical
Just a quick note, writing this from library and phone as my laptop harddrive is being fixed and I also have a new netbook ordered.
Saw new PCP for pre-op today and she is talkin to my Hand surgeon to see if we cant use this pre-op physical/form from next weeks neurosurery shunt surgery also for the hand surgery at the end of the month. Usualy physicals have to be within 30days but we are within a week of being a month away from the hand surgery so she asked me if I wanted her to ask the surgeon; YES! She said maybe if nothing else she will be able to just add an addendum tpo this pre-op physical forms in a week or two for the upcoming hand surgery to cover bases. I hope!!

Risk for either surgery is moderate bc of the heart, airway and endocrine issues but she said as long as I dont have any complications w the shunt surgery she saw no reason to have an issue w the hand surgery. If I would have any un-forseen issues such as infection, heart issues/changes, pneumonia then I should just keep her updated and she will look for Dr.Bragg's clinic/surgery notes to and keep an eye out on whats going on vs having to come back in a few short weeks to see her. I am happy for that and glad she'll take the extra time to reach out to drs to try and make things easier given how complicated and tedious all this specialists and provider stuff gets on top of sunday school, GSF work and other things going on. :)  I like her!

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