Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Neuro-Endocrine Appt was ok, she is continuing to keep fups for now at 3month intervals due to the shunt issues (we go back and forth between 3 and 6 mo fups and testing) and the lack of periods as she wants to follow that and see if it resolves. I assume it is just from the stress on the body of up and down pressure and the effect this has on my Endocrine system on almost all levels, who knows. She ordered the usual array of cortisol, thyroid, female hormone and blood chemistry testing.

I went to check an appt date in Jan as this week ive literally spent no less than 6 hrs and probably more scheduling and rescheduling numerous appts for Dec due to the shunt surger(ies) and in-pt starting Dec 3rd. Appts rescheduled have varied from Rheumatology, hand surgery and those 2 post-op fups, Urology and testing to go with that, Neurology-botox and Cardiology of which I am waiting to hear back from a couple yet (from monday, ugh). Anyways so Tues I originally had a pre-op scheduled for the Nov 29th hand surgery but we where going to use this date for Dr.Bragg's surgery anyways AND the date would have still been within the 30day requirement for the Dec 20th Hand surgery, Lo and behold some person WITHOUT asking me if I still needed that appt EVEN THOUGH I TOLD THE HAND DEPT I WAS RESCHEDULING DUE TO ANOTHER SURGERY cancelled and rescheduled the pre-op to later in Dec. I called scheduling for my PCP to try and figure out what to do but PCPs schedule is now booked and the scheduler had me leave a msg for her nurse about what happened as maybe they can make some exception for an new pre-op date. When I talked to Anna, Dr.Bragg's secretary mon she had asked me to try and get this done soon and was happy that it was set for next week meaning they''d get the paperwork a few wks ahead of time. I am so fit to be tied with this Hand dept and their ridiculous scheduling and the fact that they just schedule appts w/out verifying if it works for the pt (I literally would not know about appts and changes if I didnt check mychart for other reasons) and the fact that the dr doesnt do ANY of his post-op fup (ALL done by his staff) at any pt after surgery and just the fact that this drs ofc and Dean seem to think pts can drop anything in their lives to be at the Hand centers whim. Afraid not and incredibly pissed as this hasnt been just once w the scheduling crap but multiple times and ive only been seeing them since Oct. I very much dislike this Hand center and prefer my former surgeon.

ARGHHHHH /(Just to vent a little more),
Stay tuned its never dull, =/?


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