Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Valve Replacement surgery moved up, Other details. Pictures.

I've been writing myself notes and saving this as a draft for a few days now but have a surgery date change so will update all of the other minor things to while at it. :) I was watching my nephew today who despite being a bit of a grumpasaurus rex a bit of the time was as is usually the case so much fun to be with! Always makes me laugh in the funniest of ways! I happened to check my phone while we where at the pool (one of the Aquatic centers)  to see there was a VM from Children's Hosp. which was a little odd so I checked this and turns out that Dr.Mitchell (cardiac surgeon) was requesting to move the surgery from next Weds to next Tues and to Children's Hosp. vs at FMLH. The surgery had been scheduled at FMLH, next door but Dr.Mitchell has to go out of town apparently on Thurs or Fri and so wanted to be able to be there for the immediate post-op before handing me off to his partner (who also does Peds and ACHD pts) for care. My Cardiologist is also at this hospital so will be around I am sure from what he has said and those I've known who also see him have said in addition to being in the OR for the surgery. In addition per this Nurse/scheduler CHW's surgery team does a completely different and more in-depth pre-op than does FMLH plus they require it be done the day before surgery. That, my friends also happens to be infusion day. Go figure! Atleast at the same hospital but the infusion nurse can't make it in till 9 so I wouldn't get done at minimum till 1:30 but likely closer to 2:00.  Beth, the person I talked to today had asked if I could do their pre-op plus meet with the Anesthesiologist at 1:00. We are still sorting that timing out. I do think it will be a good thing to meet with the actual Anesthestiologist doing my case ahead of time and she (Beth) recommended I do bring in the Anesthesia records I have from UW's team as well as any other notes or records that might be pertinent. So far I will likely just bring the anesthesia reports and Dr.Bragg's most recent surgery and clinic notes though I do think her nurse was also going to fax those to Dr.Mitchell's ofc today. I figure it never hurts to have copies on me just in case. Otherwise I think most of the details of the surgery will stay the same other than it is now Tues instead of Weds and I will be at CHW instead of at FMLH.

On a side note I did schedule an Appt for Sept with the Rehab dr that Dr.Bragg and her Nurse recommended as she is likely going to take over the botox and that will be the next 3 month point (how often the botox series is given).

I have been talking with my Pain Mngmt dr via texting the past couple days on and off and she planned to call the Cardiac Surgeon to pass along her pain plan recommendations with I believe her general recommendation being they follow what we have used previously at UW, post-Dr.Bragg's surgeries.

Ironically beause I did the other pre-op at FMLH last week and has done a whole slew of lab work the NP (form pre-op) had called earlier this week and  was calling in a 5 day course of twice daily antibiotic for a UTI.  She did comment that it was so mild I probably wasn't even noticing the symptoms (which I am not) but bc of the surgery they needed to treat it/get ahead of it. Given I usually would end up w a UTI after most of our shunt surgeries I guess I can see why it's a decent idea.

Otherwise the last bit of news I was talking to my Sunday school co-teacher the other day and the 1st meeting for the next year is next Weds (boo)  though there will be a 2nd pre-start of Sun School meeting later in Aug. or early Sept.  In that mean time in addition to some data I was putting together for GSF I also have been compiling per my Co-teachers request the websites I frequently used for lesson and activity related ideas last year; I don't remember a lot of them as it was often more specific to what each lesson focused on but was kind of fun looking back at what I/we all used last year outside of our actual Teacher/Student manuals/lesson books! :)

Here are a couple pics of Zander from today; very fun, we took Aby, one of the WEAP (autism) teachers with us to the Aquatic Center which Z completely loved. :)

Thanks for stopping by, if not before my Mom is going to update atleast once after the valve surgery next week and I hope to pick back up with it within a few days.


ps Thanks Jill for the email and I to hope this is similar to the spine surgeries; not awesome surgeries but tolerable!

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