Sunday, January 12, 2014

Monday Re-Admit (UW) for Tues's Shunt surgeries

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Labs for Monday's Admit ahead of Tues's surgery looked "fine" so those shouldn't have to be re-done when I am admitted Monday.
Admit time Monday is 1:00 for which Dr.Bragg has wanted the CT Scan ( Stealth, for robotic guidance in surgery) and Port Access for INR and Lab. Joan (Co-Sunday School Teacher, I've written of her in the past) and her son who I've somewhat gotten to know are meeting me and going w to UW tomorrow. Should be a good time as we plan to grab lunch on the way and generally I don't think we ever don't have a good time when together. =) I don't know what time surgery is scheduled for Tues but will update here or on fb when I know any details.

As far as how long will this in-patient stay be, I don't really have a clue. If Dr.Bragg hasn't changed her plans then she will be disconnecting the 'T' connector connecting the VP and Thoracic shunt distal catheters to 1 draining end (both currently end in the peritoneum)and moving the Thoracic shunt distal end to the Pleural space (pre-heart surgery location). 1 or 2 incisions. In addition on this shunt she had planned to change the Thoracic shunt valve (currently a Codman Hakim) to the ProSA programmable valve. (Incision #2 although clearly I have no idea what order she'd do all these changes).
After the Thoracic shunt she is additionally changing the VP shunt proximal (top) catheter from the current frontal location (due to the catheter having been exposed, the surgery a few weeks ago to re-burry this temporarily) to the location at the back of the skull-I can't think of what that area is called or the name of the ventricle she'll use. I guess that would be incisions #3 and 4. (again no certainty what order any of this would be done in ). She had as of the last time we spoke a couple weeks ago planned to keep this VP shunt valve as the current Codman Hakim valve. The re-programmer for this valve is a bit different than any of the others according to Dr.Bragg but doesn't seem to difficult.

This weekend and past week have been busy w several Appts, teaching Sunday School, Zan spent Sat night (and then goes to Sun School and Church w me) and Sat my Mom, Sister, Zan and I went shopping in Madison. This past Thurs night and then Fri for several hours I had Church committee meeting related things going on both at the Pastor's house and then a meeting at the library in town. Thurs I also had an Appt in Milw with Pain Mngmt-in her case she asked me to keep her updated and if Dr.Bragg needed to have her (Dr.Bragg) call Dr.B. Today after my sister picked up my nephew I also met up w Connie (another good friend, fellow Sun School teacher) and Lois (the other on our Committee) and had launch, hashed out some more of our Church related things and in general was nice.
I guess that is about all I know, really had just wanted to update a bit about the re-admit tomorrow (Monday) for Tues's surgery.
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