Thursday, April 10, 2014

Home sweet Home (released post surgery 3/28)

I was released yesterday; we dialed down the TPL Shunt to 40 (it had been at 50) so just a small change but one I felt we needed to try and Dr.Bragg was ok with. Per Dr.Bragg one of the Neurosurg. Residents and her NP took out the stitches which where both dissolvable and the one head incision (the one that kept opening up) removable. Total there where 5 incisions.
Last night was not the best (threw up a couple times a couple hours after being home) but then once un-packed I pretty well just went to bed.

I had to be up fairly early this morning to be to a Pain Mngmt f/up Appt in Milw that had been moved to this morning from mid-afternoon today. Needless to say I like that provider but her office is seriously a mess and I am simply amazed the Nurses and Staff at the clinic she practices at (not her actual office) don't lose sleep/get gray hair over her Secretary.
Not only was my Appt change not on their schedule (they still fit it in, I just had to wait 2 hrs for Dr.B to get there, NOT Awesome!) AND I overhead 2 other patients/families who had the same issue, they had scheduled appts but the Secretary 1. never wrote the appt down (seriously!?) And yet I believe it as this has happened to me multiple times. The other patient was taken off the schedule but not notified.
I am not sure where those patients come from but I drive an hour all appts including this one so needless it is frustrating as h*ll! She is a good dr but soooo in denial about how her office is run!

I follow up with Dr.Bragg next Thurs so until then probably won't update unless something changes.
Other little things in the next week are I am teaching Sun School on Sunday (I knew I could take a break but I really like our girls and we have off for Easter and group Teach the following Sun.). Monday is ERT + re-check INR (same hospital) and tomorrow (Fri) I have PT starting again. Then Tues next week dinner w 2 friends.

I am realllly, really praying I start to feel some better,
If you believe in it say a prayer (or 2 or 3)
I leave for Boston next Fri (Good Fri) so am sincerely hoping I feel more human or atleast less worn out/less headache issue by then!


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