Friday, July 11, 2014

Surgery details (TPL Shunt, 7/14)

Pre-op went ok, labs done the other day where fine minus one slight abnormality w RBCs but the dr figured that probably had something to do w the Coumadin. The paperwork got in on time, this dr was really great about filling it out while I was there, we needed the fax number for Dr.Bragg's ofc so I called and was able to get that. And he'd already rounded up the labs results and a prior Cardiology report to include with his paperwork to be faxed.

I talked to D6-4 (Neurosurgery) Pharmacy yesterday and they where going w the plan we laid out back in March (last surgery) regarding ordering the Aldurazyme and tentative plan is to give this Tues. morning, in-patient.
As far as surgery it looks like actual check-in for that would be 11:00 so I presume surgery is at/around 1:00 (Monday mornings are a clinic day for Dr.Bragg I believe). Per Neurosurgeries wishes I have to have labs done in the same 1st day surgery at 8am. This is if I understood correctly to look at INR and make sure it is low enough. I am not sure what i'll do in that time in-between but if I can leave maybe go to Target nearby or something.
From what Dr.Bragg's Secretary told me the other day apparently they would cancel surgery if INR where not low enough but then today when we talked she made it seem as if the time between Labs and surgery check-in was so they could get the labs back in time and have time to make a decision?
I am not entirely sure if that meant where the level slightly high they would proceed with surgery and manage it appropriately but then if the level where to high they would just cancel?
In any case my last dose of Coumadin was Weds night so even thought my INR was high when last measured and I was kept on that same dose by Cardiology (they had wanted to see if it would level out on it's own by this Monday when I'd have re-tested at CHW) the level should drop in time for Monday with 4-5 days in-between the last dose I took. I am sure praying!

On a completely different, 360 degree turn we found out yesterday one of my Cousins was killed while riding his bike.
He'd had developmental disabilities since birth but was in his mid-to-upper 20's and was struck by a Truck while riding. I really don't know any other details right now.
I am just praying for my Aunt, while we weren't particularly close as kids (we really only saw each others families on some parties or holidays) this is the 3rd child my Aunt has lost (her daughter before I was born died a few days after birth, one of her sons had severe autism and drowned in a neighbors (of theirs) pool while being baby sat and now Chad.
She also lost her husband, my Uncle several years ago. This comes after my Grandpa, her and my Dad's Dad passed away in Nov. and we've lost other cousins and family in recent years to.
I just cant even imagine what her grief is like right now. I know God has a reason behind everything he does and gives to a person but I cant help but think why does one person have to experience so much loss, as in her case?

I'll update again when there is anything new or otherwise sometime after surgery.
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