Friday, December 5, 2014

Pulmonary (Lung) update

I reached out via email to the 1st Pulmonologist (Lung dr) I saw 10 yrs ago last week, she is a dr. I started seeing shortly after I started seeing Dr.Earing (Cardiologist, he had sent me to her when lung issues where found on some of his testing) and i'd seen her for some years after that.
For a while b/c sleep issues/sleep studies where also being monitored I followed with her colleague and then for the past few yrs Dr.E just monitored with testing the Restrictive Lung issues as it wasnt really a big issue.
In any case because of the on-going pleural effusion and symptoms my PMD had wanted a Pulmonary consult again to make sure the fluid in the lung space wasn't caused by an infection (no real signs of this and right now the only real on-going symptoms are a persisten cough and the past day to today a little discomfort when I cough in my R-sided back and chest).
Earlier this week at my PMD's wish I saw a Lung dr at Dean, which is her hospital system and seemed to go fine. Per that Chest Xray compared to the CXR and CT Scan about a month ago the fluid was down by about 50%. I honestly suspect it varies day to day given somedays the cough is very mild and other days I rival a smokers deep hack. It is odd though given prior to a month-ish ago I had no symptoms from this and no cough and now can't seem to shake it. To quote my PMD in a MyChart message she sent after the Pulm. Appt and regarding potentially switching back to Dr.Biller at CHW/FMLH she commented "I am fine with this, thankfully no procedures are needed for this yet" - alot of confidence it will resolve on it's own for good, lol? I do trust this dr. just thought this was a funny comment.
Because that Pulmonologist wanted to keep tabs on the fluid and b/c my former Lung dr. was more than willing to see me again (she emailed back) I am going to go back to her and can see her the end of Dec.
She also could get me in the 17th of this month but I leave for FL for the Disney Conf. for 5 days then. Given Dr.Biller is at the same hospital as my Cardiologist it just seems like it would make sense to go back to her? My PMD and I guess if I understood her correctly my Neurosurgeon to feel it is likely a combination of the TPL Shunt fluid draining and cardiac issues causing the fluid to sit in the pleural space (where CSF drains to) causing the symptoms, so seems like it would make sense to me to have those 2 drs (Cardiologisy, Pulmonary) at the same place? My PMD was ok with this plan as she is good about reaching out to any of these drs when she needs to and when they need to they've reached out to her. Most send their notes to her as well.

Otherwise next week I don't yet know what's the schedule/situation but supposed to see Dr.Bragg for surgery f/up but per her Secretary she may have jury duty (I think thats what it was) and Anna would know today if she was going to or not (I forgot to call till late this afternoon). - So either i'll see Dr.Bragg or one of her NP's for f/up. I have appts on Monday (ERT, normal) and on Weds (Madison, West side) and Thurs (Milw) so am kind of hoping whatever the case is when I talk to Anna Monday we can perhaps make Weds work or I can shift something around to Tues or Fri with them and the other Appt.
Atleast I can say while not totally perfect I have been feeling pretty good, hopefully it lasts but at the same time I just enjoy each good day with minimal pressure headache that I get!
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