Sunday, December 11, 2016

Heart Procedure/Ablation - Weds at CHW

This should be short (don't laugh to hard!) - just  a quick update with the Heart Procedure/Sinus Node Ablation procedure info.

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The Heart Ablation is set to take place Weds, at Children's Hospital (Milw) and planned (like the last time) as a short, 1 night stay.
Typically ablations are done as an out-patient procedure but b/c of my (significant) past history with the 3 Open Heart Surgeries and several other heart procedures (Caths, prior ablation) Dr.Kovach requested this-like the last time be a 1 night stay for monitoring after.

I am scheduled for a 12:15procedure with 10:45 arrive time. This I admittedly regret a bit not taking the early procedure time (when the Cath Lab scheduler called she offered this time given I'd be staying overnight anyways but if I wanted she would/could schedule it as a 1st case).
I NEVER thought I'd see the day I prefer the earrlllyyy, 1st case surgeries or procedures but I do! Simply b/c with 1st case schedule you get in on time, the surgery/Cath Labs aren't running behind yet and frankly not eating for that long kind of bites (how's that for a bit whiny!?! =) )
 I will certainly survive though, I can't imagine even if it ran behind the wait could be anywhere near as bad as the last surgery at UW which I was 'nothing to eat' after midnight but surgery didn't end up starting till if I remember right like 7 or 8 that night .- The surgery was originally supposed to be (again if I am remembering right) a 1:00-ish surgery time.

On a good note, I had it worked out with the same Anesthesia (airway) dr. i've used for all prior heart surgeries and procedures for her to do this 1 as well;  I emailed her to ask if the late procedure start time would affect her being able to be on my case. She emailed back earlier and said this would not so that atleast is a relief!
At UW I/Peds Neurosurgery uses a wider net of Anesthesia (airway) drs. but that came to be bc I knew Dr.Bragg knew atleast an idea what was required with airway/access/intubation so I didn't really have to worry much. She (Dr.Bragg) if needed would tell me she could make sure the right equipment was used and now there's a pool of those Anesthesia drs. that are virtually always  assigned to my case.
I am sure if at some point Dr.Taylor where to retire and if where needed i'll have to start over at CHW but for now she's available so I use her. =)

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In any case, will update sometime later in the wk after the procedure.
Stay warm (unless your a lucky duck and live somewhere warm, then I am jealous, lol!),


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