Saturday, May 7, 2011

Neurosurgeons and Orthopedists

Just a quick note - sorry for the delay.

I saw the Pediatric Nsg on thurs that the adult neurosurgoen I will now be working with reccomended I see (a colleague of his) just to get her opinion and see if it gelled with what he thought. She was well informed of my history (very nice!) and said she had spoken at length with my other Nsg and pretty well concurred with everything he thought. She said I could either chose to work with her or with him and/or they could tag team and work together on my case which seems like a good enough idea - 2 minds that seem very open and seem to want to look outside the box is good in my opinion! She ordered a xray shunt series (in my case with my particular shunt just 2 images) and said she would talk to my other Nsg and then call me on monday and we would have a plan of what tests next to see how the shunt is flowing. She differed only in that she also spoke about how LP shunts are much more prone to breaking/malfunctioning in various ways due to the smaller cathether but said if testing did show a problem either in scar tissue, flow or pressure they could either re-do the LP shunt or as the other Nsg said switch out to an VP. We will see if we get to that point though.

I also have been emailing back and forth with the ortho at UMn and he is willing to see me and his nurse is going to call me to set up an appt either at the end of his clinic day on mondays so we have more time or on one of the other days they will fit in an extra appt on a day he wouldnt normally see pts.

All for now - busy weekend here!


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