Thursday, May 19, 2011


Not sure if it should be a happy day or what I should feel - have been misplacing things like crazy lately but alays found everything and so I thought that was the case with my camera to. I searched my apt high and low and throughout my car thinking maybe I had left it out there. I noticed when looking in my car glove compartment that my GPS was also missing. Apparently some thieving jerk went in to my car at some point in the last week or so when I left it unlocked and went through my stuff stealing my camer (with like 4 discs of photos feom past 4-5 years and stealing my GPS as well. The camera I had saved up for and bought and the GPS I had received as a gift from a very kind MPS family several years ago. Im just incredibly sad, frustrated nsd upset. I dont understand how people can just have no quelms about going in to other peoples personal space in this case my car and stealing stuff. I dont think it was here at my apt bulding although with the crazies that live here yah never know - bc my spare key is still in my place i kep it. I dont know what to do really. Anyone who knows me knows I love taking pics just bc years later it is nice to be able to share those pics with family and with younger generations -ironically just last night I was going through pics of my grandparents for a party.

On a side note I was planting flowers and vegetables on my patio earlier this afternoon in between some things and went to move the wooden cat house I have on my patio in the corner so I could clean off  dirt and noticed one of the mama cats sitting in the house. Now if you know anything about feral cats its that the minute they see people they run so I immediately suspected she had, had kittens in there. Sure enough I gloved up and put on a heavy coat (it is warm out!) and peered in (by this point the mama ran out and was watching me from the base of a big tree about 5 feet away. I looked in and there where these beautiful kittens  - 5 of them all orange. Mama has now been moving the kittens but I know i'll be able to catch them when she comes to feed and they get old enough to feed cat food. Ive always kept straw in this house so  I imagine it would seem a safe, comfy place to have kittens since they sleep in there in the winter and is sealed off from rain. The pic shows 2 of the kittens and the other 2 are under the ones visible.  I will post more soon.

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