Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ICP monitor Neuro-ICU

Just a relatively quick note - the ICP monitor was put in this afternoon after checking in to admissions here at UW I calkled my neurosurgeons Nurse Practicioner on her cell who then had the resident and my nrsgn meet us up on the Neuro-ICU floor. The ICP itself from start to finish probably took 30mins and I was awake and able to talk to my drs during this time. The nrsgn placed the monitor and my neurosurgeon was at my side as comfort I suppose (which was nice of her, she really is very nice) while she was also able to see what the neuro-resident was doing. Ive met this resident before and really liked her and she to seems very down  to earth, honest and funny and just their letting me ask questions all through out was much appreciated on my part! I now am in the NICU and bored out of my skull - the ICP readings im not entirely sure what to make of and quite honestly just need to ask my neurosurgeon some questions. I just have no clue what happens from here and honestly am feeling a huge set of nerves simply from not knowing awhat the plan head of. Needless this has been a really long 2 days - it's like on 1 hand I know that when we take fluid off it helps beyond immensely and I know my neurosurgeon has seen this  and yet on the other hand I look at these readings and so I dont know what to think. Seriously just want to have answers and guess like I said just need to talk to my neurosurgeon hopefully tomorrow when she stops by (each monring and often later in the day as well)

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