Friday, August 19, 2011

Revision 6 - plan to be un-planned

I dont know much what to say about the surgery other than what my parents told me as my neurosurgeon hasnt been up to fill me in/talk to me (very unusual but guessing since I was a bit of a last minute add on she had a lot of other cases) and I also didnt talk to the general surgeon. Anesthesia was ok minus the really sore throar - they used fiberoptic which worked although I dont know how long it took. There are 2 new small incisions on my belly button (I do already have another longer incision here from the 2 umbilical hernia repairs so not sure if this new incision is above, below or around this old one).  The other incision is to the L of this and also covered at this point. Apparently this General Surgeon works with my Neurosurgen frequently when it comes to peritoneal (in the stomach area) apects of shunt problems. From what my parents told me they went in and with the scope found the peritoneal catheter was behind the stomach and stuck up against the intestine. It would have been to risky for them to explore the area and see the source of this problems so instead they moved the catheter out and re-ankered it in the peritoneal cavity. I asked tbe neuro-resident that has been working with my neurosurgeon these past 2 revisions about what lays ahead and she said that the monitor may come out tomorrow or sun and my neurosurgeon would make a plan with me. I admit I do really wish she would have come up tonight as I talked about ysterday the hardest part of medical care to me is th unknowns - the not knowing what is next or whne things will happen.

My parents have been visiting every day and one of my pastors from church also came today which was nice. If im still here all day tomorrow my brother and sis-in-law + niece and my sister and her family are coming down as are my parents.

Will update when I know something,


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