Monday, August 20, 2012

Providers here, there and everywhere..

Below is a list of all (minus one or two in Mn) the providers I see and the recent switches - this MPS stuff is very crazy! I see most of these providers at 3 or 6 mo intervals w Neurosurgery tending to be more often and  PT every week for the most part + Pain Mngmt 1x montly and Neurology (formerlu PMR) every 3 mo for the series of botox injections..

These are all my providers:

PCP: Peggy Simpson, MD
         Dean Clinic
        Fish Hatchery

Neuro-Opthalm. - UWHC (Dr. Chen) - May switch to Dr. Weir at Dean, depends on 8/21 appt.

Neurologist - botox - Dean
  Theresa Mangin, MD (taking over PMR-Tchekanow @ MCW)

Urologist - Dean (from UW)
Jennifer Maskul, MD

Hand - Matthew Bliss,MD (from FMLH)

PT Kathy Nevins - Dean Madison (formerly done BD)

PMR - possibly to Dr.Bender (pain mngmt) - working to try stay w Dr.Bratanow???

Providers staying the same:
(insur approved) Cardiology (CHW), Endocrine (FMLH),  Neurosurgery (UW), Genetics, Infusion. (CHW)
*Ortho-Spine MN (??)

Alot more chaotic w providers here, there and everywhere so there wont be much coordinating of  appts on my part whih is crappy for the same day anymore.
 A few bumps but no big hills in the past 2 months which is nice!!!
Grateful to be this far in sorting new providers and for all the help/patience w this from my Insur Case Manager especially w/sorting this all!

I see Neuro-Opthalm tomorrow (tues), PT Weds (both in Madison),  and Pain Mngmt on thurs - ((cringes at schedule))


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