Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Well it's continued to be a busy few weeks - I finally (I think) have settled on a new PCP which means I need to say 'bye' to my other 2 (PCP and her NP who I worked most closely w). I had a 2nd appt today which was the soonest I could fit in to get 4 different PA's/referrals worked out between who I will see for PMR (Neurology at Dean or PMR at UW), the paperwork submitted for Cardiology although he has been approved already as an out-of-network provider for coverage in-network. Pain Mngmt - im not sure when my PM dr will know if she will be accepted in to DHPs in-network  plan or not and otherwise there is the PMR dr at Dean that has my paperwork and wants to see me (she does Pain Mngmt but not botox so thus why we are looking at the 2 other drs (neurology or PMR) for Botox management. ** Add in I am going to be seeing the Neurologist at Dean for Botox, I personally think PMR would have been more helpful but we'll see; maybe it will go well.  Hand surgery is another one, that dr agreed to see me, has my paperwork and doesnt require a PA but wants a EMG.  The appt went well today and I think the PCP is very organized and efficient and gets things done quickly; she left me to fax/scan the referrals she printed to my Insur Case Manager (which I am happy about I am glad to have copies of these referrals and to know they are going to the right person.) :)  Otherwise we covered  a few small things and she was going to work on a few things in the background of which she already mychart'ed me 1 of the end results - efficient and fast, love it!

My niece and nephew where here from last weds to yesterday (tues) - thurs we went to the Zoo in Madison  which was alot of fun and although very hot we saw most all of the animals with each of us having favorites. :)                
                  Lis and Quinn on the playground at the Zoo
                                           Playing Turtle
                                                Watching the bears
                                                           Lis and I
                                      Thurs after spending the day at the Zoo I had an appt with Dr.Bragg my neurosurgeon which went fine although one thing she did do was depress the reservoir on my VP shunt which of course caused the usual triad of symptoms about starting about an hour after and getting progressively worse as the hours wore on and lasting well in to friday morning. Symptoms wise the worst thing is the LP shunt rubbing on the nerve and irritating my side/low back but we are hoping this will heal and ease up and we will just watch. As long as things stay the same or improve I will go 3 mo in between seeing her which would actually be a record! We'll see and hope! :) Symptoms may not be 'perfect' but they are sure ALOT better than before the 2nd shunt was placed and I hope the nerve issue heals and otherwise will be happy with what is for now and wait and see. :) The symptoms I get from either shunt taps or depressing the reservoir I dont know what is the cause of that if its related to too little CSF in the lower C-spine area or what but includes initially a headache, then incredible neck stiffness to the point I cant move or bend my neck at all and then projectile vomiting, fever and stiffness all over. Its very weird and then slowly improves by the next morning. I HATE it!

                                                  Lis and Zander at the Marsh
                                                     Lis, Zander and I at the Marsh

                          Sunday night we went to the Marsh with my sister and her family which is Zander's favorite thing to do - he loves the butterflies, bugs and milkweed plants especially which is what monarch butterflies eat.

Tues we went to Bay Beach up by Green Bay which is an amusement park we go to every year and totally fun - my parents, sister, youngest nephew, oldest nephew, brother and his family all went to and we just spend the day running from one ride to another with the kids. The tilt-a-whirl, scat, giant swings, giant slide (100-200 feet in the air 4 to 5 set of flights to get to the top and sit on potato sack to ride down), carousel, scrambler, and so much more!
                                            Myself, Jenn (sis-in-law), Jordan, Lis and Zander
                                            Sara, Lis and Jordan on Ferris Wheel, Jenn and I and Zander in front.

Otherwise there has been a ton going on, I met with the new PT last week who is the only other one in the state that does counter-strain besides my local PT who is not in Dean's network and this Therapist thought it was slighlt ridiculous that I should have to drive over an hour to see her when there is a local Therapist 15mins away who does the same thing she does with good results to. Non-the-less she is willing and able to help me and I see her next week (our schedules didnt mesh this week). We will meet 1x weekly for 45mins sessions which is similar to what I was doing with local PT at an hour there.

I meet with the PMR trained dr tomorrow who does not do botox but does pain management and willing to follow me. I am not set on seeing her yet and cont to try to figure out how can I stay with my current PM dr' we'll see.

I have an appt in Sept with a Neurologist at Dean that does do botox and wants to follow me so that appt is 45+ mins and we'll see how it goes. Hopefully well and maybe she'll have suggestions to help.

Lots else going on including busy, buys with the new job and the extra income is admittedly very nice as is the ease of being able to do this job from home and even at times just from my phone if answeing emails, looking up information or fwd'ing information - I can store documents on my phone, just about anything, it is really niec!!

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