Wednesday, September 19, 2012

EMG and Nerve conduction results..

My Primary dr sent me an emailk (mychart) with these EMG and nerve conduction test results. I was a little surprised it is quite this severe given the last CT releases where only 2 and 3 years ago and 8 years before that. I have had bilateral carpal tunnel releases in each hand twice now and the 2nd time was much more extensive in each hand than the original CT releases some 10 yrs ago pre-MPS dx.

To: Erica Thiel
Subject: EMG results

EMG report:
1) There is electrodiagnostic evidence for very severe residual right median neuropathy at the wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome.) .

2) There is electrodiagnostic evidence for a moderately severe residual left median neuropathy at the wrist ...
(carpal tunnel syndrome.)

3) There may be a mild underlying polyneuropathy given the presence of mild conduction velocity slowing in motor and sensory nerves. Clinical correlation is required.

4) There is no convincing electrodiagnostic evidence for a cervical radiculopathy on either side
This is the attached note she sent me with the results:
 In short you need to keep the appointment with hand clinic for the carpal tunnel syndrome. Are you wearing braces for that at night/during day? For the possible polyneuropathy we should check vitamin b12 and folic acid levels as well as for diabetes. I have placed the orders if you could come to clinic at your convenience for lab check. What are your thoughts? PJS, MD

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