Friday, September 28, 2012

Took the leap; tattoo..

This is the tattoo I got done on Tuesday, ive wanted to do it for a long time but put it off bc of not feeling all that awesome and finally decided feeling great or not I wanted to do it, to do something for myself and so I did! :) I thought it might hurt worse than it did but really in all honesty wasnt that bad other than a few moments where my foot was jumpy but that wasnt painful just "jumpy". :) I like it and the colors now are actually brighter so the updated picture is below.
I talked to my neurosurgeon's (Dr.Bragg) nurse today (thurs) and Dr.Bragg wants to tap the shunts so that is going to be on Tuesday which I am not really looking fwd to as since ive had the 2 shunts in place (with benefit just some problems too) anytime we monkey with the reservoir or tap either  of the shunts I get sick for 12-24 hrs after with fever, chills, throwing up and really, reallllyyyy stiff, achy joints which are incredibly no fun. I just hope we can get answers from this bc even since last week I feel pretty terrible even during the day which isnt great.  =( Appetite and stomach are always some of the signs to me that somethings not 'right'. =/ Argghh, have I said how much I dislike shunts?!?  Because I seriously hate this!                                                                                          
I am teaching sunday school again this sunday and feel so un-prepared. I am adding to this a day later and spent a few hrs today finding a few activities to go with our sunday lesson (The Fall of Jericho) and reviewing everything so hopefully it will go well. I wrote down copious notes for myself as I have to review things over and over and over again to be able to remember my thoughts and having notes to go with each lesson and acitvity oes help. We had a monthly meeting w the pastor heading up SS and most of us teachers last night (weds) to go over the lessons for Oct which was interesting, informative and actually I learned some things. Those things though make me feel like I am hopelessly in over my head at times! :) I am guessing I will find a groove and feel more comfortable the more I do this and it is nice to be sharing sundays w the other teacher so the following week I will have off and so Zander will likely spend the night as i'll go to church Thurs night given we have something going on, on sunday I want to do.
Otherwise it has actually been a fairly quiet week here which was pretty nice as I was feeling pretty aweful in the mornings and through most of the afternoon most of these days and just nice to be lower key and get some thing done around here. I think the insurance provider changes are finally settling down and I just have two new providers left to meet in Oct but tests are already done for the 1 and the other the testing is the same day I see her (urology). I am staying w my current Pain Mngmt dr vs going to the one I met and using my secondary insur to see her and doing the same w/local PT as it was ridiculous to be driving over an hour for a 30-45min weekly PT appt when I can use my secondary insur and go 15mins away. CRAZY!
I'll update sometime next week on the neurosurgery appt. =/ Hoping it goes well with few side effects after this time.                                                                                                                                          
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