Thursday, March 21, 2013

Adjusting the Codman settings

The new Codman valve had been set pretty well in the middle (Highest setting = 200, lowest = 10 I believe)  for drainage during surgery Tues and tonight Dr.Bragg reset  it down by 2 increments to 70 (H20 I believe) which she explained what pressure setting that equates to but cant remember her explanation. She said at the 90 it was closer to when I had a medium pressure fixed pressure valve in the former LP shunt so I image this 70 must be low-medium pressure? Unsure really.. We will do an Xray tonight to confirm this valve setting and then reset the Strata valve to a higher setting in the near future, unsure if tomorrow or a few days or at first fup.

I am on the PCA (pain control) pump right now yet which let me say makes a huge difference for the head incision pain (bruising I guess) and headaches, hopefully this turning down the Codman will make a difference still more and when we do it turning up the Strata valve to drain less although  I know it would seem counter-intuitive will help that shunt drain more even if it where still intermittently as the thought is less continous drainage through the already very narrowed spine and already an area prone to catheter collapse will help the shunt over-all. I dont really know but it isnt hurting to try and although im fairly certain I completely butchered the proper explanation of why it should make a difference what matters is Dr.Bragg thinks it should help the TPL shunt drain more steadily and less intermittent occlusions and so if she thinks it will I believe her. :)

I gave Dr.Bragg one of the 'Hope its in our Genes' rare disease day pins (symbol is a pair of jeans twisted to look like the human gene and bi-colored. She really liked it and said she would pin it to her coat. I like to find little things like this for my providers since ones like her and my Pain Mngmt dr do so much for my care. :)

I'll update when there is something further to share or when I get discharged,
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