Saturday, August 3, 2013

Discharged day 10, Out of the Hospital!!

Friday, I got discharged and released today!! 2 of my co-sunday school teachers had actually come to visit Friday and so they hung out while all the various specialists filed through, all the discharge paperwork was done and while last minute things where ironed out + the fup appts scheduled. After that we just had to stop at the Skywalk Pharmacy and where home-ward bound!! We stopped to get ice cream and otherwise was a really nice drive back as these 2 are pretty funny and mostly I just listened but they definitely know how to make you laugh. =) For fup Appts.Tuesday I have to fup in Cardiology with a Lab tests, Xray(s), repeat Echo (3rd in a week) and an Appt with the  Cardiologist to make sure there are no changes in the 2 leaks and the 1 hole as well as to make sure the Coumadin levels are staying pretty stable.

I slept from around 11 Friday night till almost 12-noon on Sat morning with waking up a couple times but quickly falling back asleep. Wow! I am tired today but in that "probably need one more good night to catch up" way so if I sleep well tonight I should be pretty well caught up tomorrow!

Sat - The Anesthestiologist who did my Open Heart Surgery and the TEE emailed me earlier this afternoon and included her summary letter/thoughts on her findings during both the OHS and the TEE plus what she used, what she found per what she initially thought, what she recommends to future Anesthesiologists and her thought that to we need to do pre-procedure stress-dosing as she commented on my thoughts that I thought the post-TEE symptoms where adrenal crisis related. She listed why she had not used them but said she would recommend it be done in the future. My Neuro-Endocrine dr did say after the TEE when I messaged her that the cortisol should be done for every surgery and every procedure (same as she has said in the past but like I said we all just got busy and was kind of a last min procedure) if ANY kind of sedation used so I am glad Dr.Taylor made that addt'l comment. :) It is definitely well written so I am glad to have it!

Otherwise I am happy to be home, have been working on a project for the Foundation I work for an in addition catching up on paperwork and information from our recent, 1st of the year Sunday School meeting (and information on a 1 day Conf in Sept our SS Teachers are attending in Madison with other WELS SS Teachers, hosted by Northwestern Publishing House) + just kind of taking it easy other than having run over to my Apt in Juneau to get my car (my Dad drove it back) while my Mom and I got a few things and afterwards went to the store. Healing cont's to be ok, I am not to terribly sore and definitely not as bad (as ive said before) as the various spine surgeries-maybe bc those included hardware? With OHS you are In an area that has far less nerves though so the wires to pull the sternum back together make it uncomfortable but not anywhere what I thought it would be. Swallowing (painful in upper chest/lower esophagus) is also seeming  get a slight, bit better. =) For now I just eat small amounts of softer foods.

Will update if nothing else after Monday's ERT/Tuesday's Cardiology Appts.
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