Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2nd post-op Cardiology Fup, Fluid

So this should be a fairly quick update. I saw Cardiology today (no tests other than Labs this week) and went ok. There continues to be fluid around the heart and lungs but my stomach and legs are pretty much back to my normal and weight wise I am back down to 116 pds (I varied between 112-118 pre-heart surgeries) so that is good, is nice that my pants fit again!

The big concern right now continues to be what causes this cough and so Dr.E (Cardiologist) would like an ENT consult (yay, hooray) so they can make sure it isn't an issue with either the voice area (cant remember how he worded it, maybe windpipe?) being partially paralyzed in the last surgery or reflux. None of us (NP, Cardiologist or I) really thinks it is these things as I've never had an issue with reflux (but i'll start a temporary protonix again for a week just to make sure, again not awesome to me) and the other issue would have been most likely to show up right after the 2nd surgery and this cough didn't start until about 12 days post-op and after I was home. We know it isn't a cold so the likely cause is just the fluid around heart and lungs and waiting for that to keep coming off both areas. If it got worse I have to call, hopefully it won't. Not sure I can take worse!

**I just thought of this so came back in to edit and in fact didn't even say anything to my parents as I didn't think of it (being I am at their house yet) but Dr.Earing did say today if the fluid didn't come off on it's own with the large diuretic doses they would likely have to go in and remove it I guess via a needle. He was totally against this for (I think) infection reasons  and I was like there is no way in hell anyone is jabbing some big arsh needle in my chest not to mention multiple times if I am awake (I imagine maybe they could use sedation/anesthesia) but like I said this would be total last ditch and not something he is leaning towards at this point. Come on fluid and GO AWAY!!!!

Labs for blood thinner have been all over the place since being discharged this last time; while they where often to low prior to the 2nd surgery so we kept having to increase the Coumadin dose, this time the levels have been to high in all but today's case (4 different labs) causing significant bruising in 2 of the cases and last week a milder, less spread out bruising. Today's lab was back to, to low so the Coumadin dose has been increased and Cardiology will re-check labs (if no issues, God willing) before next Thurs appt and Xray.

Otherwise Cardiologist is happy with this heart surgery out come and thinks energy will slowly come back. Part of my being so much more worn out this time is they believe and I can understand my body just not having had time to recover from the 1st surgery and it being so in-depth and long. I had the option to put off Cardiac Rehab for a few weeks (I really do feel kind of crappy) due to this cough as he was somewhat concerned it would worsen with that but he also gave me the option. I figure we can see how tomorrow goes and since I will only go once this week and once next week due to schedule issues on my part it shouldn't be to much overwhelming and I can always post-pone if needed. In that case the NP just said to let her know and she would talk to the Rehab Nursing staff.

That's about it, I am 3 weeks out from surgery, other than pain from this cough I am not feeling to bad (other than legs are something awful tired and feel very worn out when I walk) but still I am driving, doing my own thing and should be able to go back to my own Apt very soon. I want to clean the carpet but otherwise not much reason otherwise to not go back. :) I taught Sunday School this past Sunday for the 1st time this yr (our 2nd wk) and we have 6 girls and 1 boy. I had 2 of the kids in SS last year, 4 of the other girls in VBS and 1 new girl - all seem to have liked it despite my coughing to no end. :) Should be a good year.

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