Saturday, October 5, 2013

4th week Post-Op Cardiology Fup Appt

Today's (Thurs) Cardiology Appt went well, the Labs show Coumadin level is trending down which Dr.E and Nancy (NP) actually consider a good thing as they said this typically means the pts appetite is improving and overall body health is improving. I'll repeat these (INR) and other labs next week at Cardiac Rehab but dose was increased back to 4 mgs and likely in time will con't to increase some. Otherwise the Chest Xray shows the fluid around Heart and lungs is much improved (I kind of suspected as much as the cough is very improved over the past couple days) so we'll keep the Lasix dosing at 60gs 2x's a day and Aldactone at 25mgs 2x's a day and Bisoprolol daily at least until the next fup. The reasoning or thought behind this was that since I have improved over the past week w these meds Dr.Earing didn't want to upset the apple cart and cause a set back or fluid retention again. I follow up in a month so maybe then we'll be able to lower or take away some of the heart meds, at that point it would be about 2 months post the 2nd open heart surgery and 3 months post the 1st OHS.

Cardiac Rehab is going fine and actually not very hard, I didn't really know what to expect with it but really it is just their having you hooked up to EKG/heart monitoring the entire time you are working out and they monitor heart rate/blood pressure and heart signals. Really it is mostly stretching to begin with then working out atleast right now on the treadmill at increasing pace as tolerated each week and then switching to a bike (for instance this last Weds a recumbent bike) and following that some more stretching and several short laps around the gym to cool down. I haven't broken a sweat yet. I'll typically do this 2 days a week but for instance this week and last because of scheduling on my part was only able to make it on Weds' and the same in a few weeks due to ERT on Monday's and often other appts on Thurs's.

I guess the only other new thing is I am going back to my Apt tomorrow (sunday) which will be the 1st time I have slept there in over 2 months (I have gone back and forth just haven't stayed there) so I think that will be nice! Today we had a ACHD (adult congenital heart) Picnic in Mequon which was nice and basically entails a group of my Cardiologists clinic pts who also have Congenital heart issues of one cause or another meeting up to chat, eat and just be around other people who get it although lots of the conversation centers around our lives in general. Next week I am having dinner w a different patient of his who had a heart transplant and who I actually met through my Pain Mngmt dr. She and I have talked several times since meeting at my PM drs office (by chance) and being introduced and she is close to my age so should be nice. I like food. =)

I don't think there is a lot going on otherwise medical wise, I emailed with Dr.Bragg last week and we are going to wait till atleast mid-Nov if possible to begin to talk about moving the 2nd shunt back to it's former location. She (Dr.Bragg) is a bit concerned there could be permanent scarring in the pleural space from the 2 heart surgeries and subsequent chest tubes used during both. I am not sure how we know if there is permanent scarring but pray this wouldn't prevent us from moving the shunt back as I cant fathom both shunts draining in to the stomach (peritoneum) permanently. =/

The only other thing is due to some b.s drama w a group of catty women the family I work for arranged for us to have a connected hotel room at the Conf and as well helped me arrange my flight so I can fly back on Sat instead of on Sunday so I can go w my nephew and niece trick or treating on Sunday!
Will update soon,


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