Monday, November 3, 2014

Chest Xray results

Nothing to special to share, just posting what my PMD mycharted me earlier on Monday regarding the Chest Xray (CXR) results from Fri.
To: Erica Thiel
From: PJS, MD
11/3/2014 12:41 PM CST
11/3/2014 12:41 PM CST
So as we discussed the cxr final report is back and showed: New opacity in the right lung base compatible with infiltrate and effusion. Thus you have some fluid around the lung causing irritation. This can be due to heart failure symptoms getting worse versus infection. Albeit I think infection is less likely since you don't "feel sick with normal upper respiratory illness symptoms". No fevers or chills over the weekend? Please update the heart doc about the new effusion. I would also like you to see the lung specialist. Keep the Ct scan appointment though as that will help us evaluate the fluid area more.
I have placed the referral for the lung doc. The number to see the pulmonary specialist is 252-8000 to set up the appointment.
How are you doing? Any worse then Friday?

I've forwarded the results to my Cardiologist Team whom I spoke with today anyways for INR result (in-range at 2.08). I am not sure if they have any thought once they see this but the PFTs (breathing test) are next Tues and the Nurse will send the results for me to pass on to Dr.Simpson and to Dr.Bragg if needed.
As far as a Pulmonologist my Insur. Nurse Case Manager was given a name suggestion by a couple of her colleagues but I may also see my former Lung dr. at FMLH since she would still be somewhat familiar with my history. As far as the cause of the irritation/Pleurisy I'm not sure if it's from the TPL Shunt draining the CSF to this space and that CSF perhaps not being absorbed fast enough or if it is some other cause such as worsening CHF. I'm not sure anyone knows at this point.
The CT scan is on Thurs.
The only part worsened of symptoms is the cough is more persistent and frequent though still (thankfully) somewhat intermittent.
It's sort of crazy how it is always something!?

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  1. Yes, but at least that "something" is becoming clearer and clearer everyday. glad to see things are getting close to figure it out.