Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pleurisy (Pleural Effusion), Hand Surgeon Appt.

The CT Scan for the pleural effusion/R lung opacity is Thurs., which this is to to get a better view of the fluid area (Pleurisy, pleural effusion) w/PMDs concern if it is worsening cardiac heart failure or in fact just fluid from the TPL Shunt causing irriation causing the cough/other symptoms. After the Scan and PFTs, PMD asked that I make an Appt with the Lung dr. (Pulmonary) which i've been talking on MyChart w my former Pulmonary dr. at FMLH and will schedule w/her for further out and in the mean time see a Pulmonary dr. recommended at Dean (if that works out ok i'll cancel the one for Febr. with my former Lung dr.).
PFTs are scheduled for next Tues (ordered by Cardiology) and those + the CT scan will determine if my PMD will release me for the Shunt surgery on the 20th. She also wants Cardiology's blessing for this upcoming surgery based off whatever these test results are. I am dreading the shunt surgery for a few reasons but at the same time just want it to be over with already and so am praying fervently we can go ahead and my symptoms improve or do not impede surgery.
Overall the breathing/cough issue though it could be from the TPL Shunt (causing irritation) and could be Pulmonary related my Primary doc seems to think it's likely a cardiac issue possibly worsening heart failure secondary to the mitral valve which has been worsening.
If you can please say a prayer the CT Scan gives clearer answers to my Primary dr. and she in turn with my Cardiologist can release me for the Shunt surgery in 2 wks. I sure am praying, for as much as I don't want surgery I do want to feel better on the headache end.

To start off and then cap off a long Appt Tues. my car was overheating again which I must say given I was an hour and a 1/2 from home, on the far W side of Madison I was mildly freaking out!
Thankfully my brother who is VERY mechanically inclined was home and answered his phone + I happened to have car coolant in my trunk - I am not all that car savvy but do know how to check the oil, put in washer fluid, put in coolant (the basics) so with that emptied in I made it back to BD where my brother lives and he was able to do a couple things to hopefully fix the problem for now.
Definitely never dull, though I'd take dull for sure!?

Hand Surgeon Appt
I Saw the Hand Surgeon in Madison today (Tues) which it had been a little over a yr since i've had the R hand Carpal tunnel released again and Fat pad graft. The fat pad graft done by this Surgeon is due to 2 prior indepth CT releases and the prior Thenar Tendon transfer to protect nerves/hand use. All prior hand surgeries minus last yrs. R Hand where done elsewhere.
Given i've had the same symptoms in my L hand and the EMG/NCV nerve test done before the R hand surgery showed similar nerve entrapment issues w both hands we're opting to do this hand again now to.
This Surgeon plans to do the same in L hand as last yrs surgery for the R hand. Due to it being a more indepth surgery they splint/immobilize for 2wks, remove stitches and then last time they re-casted for I believe it was another 2wks w therapy I mostly did at home after. We've scheduled the Hand surgery for early Jan. which works best due to the Shunt surgery Nov 20th and we can figure out the Pulmonary/Cardiac issues in the mean time + the Holidays and an MPS Conf. at Disney right before Christmas.
Hpothenar Fat Pad Graft
The hypothenar fat pad flap is a technically simple procedure that allows the fat pad to be mobilized easily and placed across the palm as a barrier between the nerve and the radial leaf of the transverse carpal ligament, effectively preventing median nerve readherence ..

In God's hands, right?

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