Wednesday, January 27, 2016

3rd Heart surgery, 1 week post op! Went so well!!

"We all went in to this a little worried but you've exceeded expectations" - Best words ever from a Provider!

I am 1 wk post the 3rd OHS and potentially going home today!  (updating thos I got out!!! Labs Mon., fup in 10days as long as all stays good!!
My entire team has said how good this went and better than most expected!  It pays to be stubborn! I seriously,  truly think 'stubborn, going to prove them wrong' has helped me do so well in all these surgeries!
I can't tell you how many Anesthesia, drs, Techs and Nurses have said to me "how many surgeries have you had now??" (both asking heart surgeries and surgeries overall)  and then comment about my functioning so well. =)
I think my being showered, hair washed twice and in regular clothes amazes some of them but that's  a good thing, I am glad I did so good so far!!
I have showered, dressed in my own clothes, functioning despite the fractured big toe and I rarely complain. Even the toe, I didn't say much about it in last wk and Nurse only asked Cardiology Team for a Xray bc so swollen and black and blue a wk out. - Dr.Earing (and so many others, lol, they apparently don't know my clumsiness) said to me (indirect quote) 'Only you Erica would do something like that before a big surgery.  - takes talent to be me!? I have a walking boot I'm supposed to wear and fun w Orthopedic Dr at FMLH  in 10days. Why be dull? Thankfully other than an incessant feel like I need to flex that toe it's not to painful. =)

- Asked if I needed addtl pain meds, the  NP was amazed it seems that I declined, =) Aamazed I'm happy to just go home on what I take regularly! (Fairly low doses). :)

- I really, really can't  say enough how important it is to trust ones Team, have Faith, walk with God and stay positive even when ya might not feel like it! - To quote the NP indirectly "You have way to much perspective " - :)  Perhaps why I've gotten that perspective is stinky but overall  I'll admit I am glad my Team sees these things vs honestly what I feel like is whining sometimes!  Besides who wants to make someone else miserable and thus they (Providers in this case) dread seeing you? - I like to be liked =)

I feel like there needs to be a way to raise awareness that as pts with a really good Team we can do great and surgery - even a high risk, risky surgery especially  repeat can be done. I'll say it a hundred times, good Teams matter!
So worth it to feel better which hopefully keeps coming! Pain wise isn't bad at all, 5 at most but honestly the past few days (minus headaches) are 1-2!
The worst symptoms where extreme itchiness till I could shower finally Weds and the awesome headaches which had been soooo much better after we put the VPL Shunt in but that to perhaps just fluid around and body in general affecting their function!? Hope so!!
My getting to go home today depends on CXR, if it's clear I guess due to cough but ooh soooo close!!!
Lol, my Cardiologist said to me (after they did rounds ) where talking about how up and down INR will likely cont to be for awhile.  Dr.E says to me (maybe tongue in cheek) but like anyone we always hope for no surgeries for awhile. He says (indirect quote) " this is it for surgeries, right?' LOL, I never promise anything  and said as much to him or anytime I am asked that ques.when anyone says that as I expect nothing and thus lose nothing if it does occur.
That said - INR range is 2.5-3.5 now  but when I asked the Team if say INR where low would anything  change w what we do now? They feel if INR is close to 2.5-3.5 they'd  just adjust dose.
If it where below 2.0 they may bridge but not certain yet. My overall picture which is complicated  makes decisions they make sometimes not as clear cut as would be in most people. They'll figure it out though!
I'll have to bridge w Heparin or Lovenox before/after any surgeries or procedures requiring I go off Coumadin but that to doesn't seem bad. Their main comment was to the effect, given my underlying issues and how Rollercoaster INR was before this 3rd OHS (again not direct quote) 'we'll likely have some adjusting to do over the next wks/mo's' but that to not to hard and we'll all figure out what the best mngnt plan is to get INR preferably more stable.

Other good news is I get to stop the Digoxin and Corlanor (lol also known as 'the  med that no one can say'.
Lasix we're backing down dose from 60mgs 2x day to 40mgs, 2x day. It's a start!! Anything else here on out ie lasix, new beta blocker (but low dose, Lisinopril)
or other changes depends some on how Heart rate (HR) does after this surgery and symptoms overall. Even a little positive news on meds is better than nothing a wk out!

The rest they'll  watch, monitor and we'll see how things go! The NP said there was some off # with the new (mitral) valve gradients but that to she said they didn't know what it would mean and Dr.E didn't seem concerned so seems no sense worrying when it's likely nothing.
I'll  do INR Tues (going to ask if I can do Mon., before infusion)  and then fup w my Cardiology Team around the 9th-10days as long as things stay good!

On a totally different note, I had so many thoughts on my mind going in to this 3rd OHS. The knowledge my Team (all of them in on surgery apparently ) where a little worried how it would go and would this be ok.  I am beyond happy it's went so much better than perhaps thought and getting out quicker than was thought (original 10days-2wks)!

1 of my Pastors came to visit at CHW Weds. and always reminds me how grateful I am to know God as my Savior and in my life! I truly can't imagine knowing the high risks that where w this surgery and not having faith in  my life, I'd go nuts I think?
So grateful for what I know and have (God as my Savior), a much better place than our earthly life awaits us one day when God deems the time right.
I am so grateful and humbled by all the people who offered prayers, thoughts and support going in to surgery last week! I may not have talked to anyone about what I was feeling/thinking really but I will say I am grateful to be here and still be able to help others! Heaven will be a glorious place but I am grateful I still get to be here to help others and be with family and friends!  Even on the bad days I find peace in having God beside me, helping me!!!

Signing off but grateful  is what I feel!
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