Tuesday, January 19, 2016

T-1/2 day? Pre-op Appt. Few hiccups but plans in place.

Just a quick update.
My Mom is updating my fb and a friend will copy those updates to here for those not on my fb but who wanted updates.

Pre-op Appt went OK today. Seemed like it took fooorreeevvverr but that partially was I just wanted to get home and get a few things I had to do yet done and pack! Overall I didn't leave CHW till at least 5 though I think after getting there at 11.

Tests that where done in addition to what's already been done include Chest Xray, Labs, Ultrasound of abdomen  (for catheters used in surgery ) and then I ended up having to come back in to CHW after I'd gotten out to my car due to questions with the Chest Xray.

The PA for surgery showed me these and his quest. was what was a shadowy space which I right away (lol, I was pretty sure but not absolutely sure) asked if that area was the pleural space and was it from my VPL Shunt. B/c this fluid hadn't been there 2 yrs ago on a CXR he wanted to make sure. A Chest CT Scan was done which confirmed my suspicion it was just fluid built up from the VPL Shunt. I kind of knew that shunt has been doing well! Tim (PA) ran this by Dr.Mitchell as even Radiology was unsure about the fluid (funny I'd have figured they'd know) and Dr.Mitchell confirmed he wasn't worried  and they didn't need to drain the fluid ahead of surgery which was something several of the Providers had mentioned ad a possibility.  All I could think to myself about this  was nnooooo  I just want to go home yet tonight! Thankfully I was able to! 

Dr.Mitchell was going to try to get ahold of Dr. Bragg but she was not at the hospital  per my own info so I am unsure if he did it not. I had told his Nurse he didn't need to call me either way  as I'd talk to them in pre-op tmrw. I figure whether he talked to Dr.Bragh or not they'll figure togs out with that fluid, the shunt, etc and surgery.
The biggest thing to me was just knowing he'd talked to CHW Neurosurgeons, they have a plan (Neurosurgeons there will be on standby if needed to externalize the VPL Shunt) and their plan would be to if all went well re-internalize it before I was discharged if all went well. Ideally it won't need to be touched though.

I don't know if this bigger amount of CSF (spinal fluid ) sitting in he lung space now will change anything but if anything will find out in pre-op tmrw. 
Otherwise the plan is arrive at 6:00am, surgery at 8:00. The 1/2 hr earlier than usual CHW arrival time us due to the Port access and so they have everything in place to give the steroids an hour before going back to the OR. 

Honestly it seems hard to believe this surgery is tmrw! But that said my entire Team really does seem like they've all communicated well and have various plans in place.
Going to sign off, see ya all in a few days (God willing) and in interim my Mom and friend Jamie  will update here and my fb.
I am not nervous for this surgery, I have my questions answered. Sure i'll for sure miss Dr.Bragg and my UW Nurses as they know me so well with this surgery (they are shunt stuff, different hospital ) but I do feel trust in the Team I have for this heart surgery and care and hopefully all the little things we did ahead of time make the difference this time! 
God bless and best wishes to all, remember God gives us challenges but that doesn't mean he isn't always beside us, walking with us!

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