Tuesday, January 10, 2017

(LP) Shunt Surgery update, Cardiology next wk.

Surgery itself went fine, I don't remember Dr.Iskandar saying anything much out of the ordinary other than the LP Shunt catheter had worked itself completely out of the spinal canal (where Cerebral Spinal Fluid is in the back) and the CSF was leaking only b/c of the hole in the spinal canal from this initial shunt having been put back in. I still have that leak so atleast head wise feel fairly good.

A relative lack of CSF (Cerebral Spinal Fluid, what bathes the spine) is what's causing the nerve pain especially down my R side and a tad difficult of walking. Sorry for lack of a real post!

I already typed up a post so re-doing this am going to make it VERY short. I f/up Thurs this week and site, where the fluid is collecting will be monitored over next few wks I guess.

I rescheduled Cardiology f/up today so that will be next wk now - following up partially from the Ablation done a few weeks ago.
Will update soon, Sorry for lack of information or real post,
Will try to do a real post after Thurs's f/up or after next weeks Cardiology f/up appt.
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