Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some of whats going on

Thought I would update a little of whats coming up and going on medical wise and otherwise for that matter:

-Thurs 3/31 I have the hip Injection Pain Mngmt (PM) dr
-Mondays always ERT
Friday 4/1 Neurosurgeon Appt at UWHC (new Nsg) and lunch w/my regional mngr for APF
-Tuesday 4/5 Port access device placement FMLH
-Thursday 4/7 Sleep Study FMLH
4/21 Ortho fup to hip injection and PT (decide next step)

This weekend my older nephew is spending the weekend and taking him along with sister and her family including my 4 yr old nephew and 2 month old neice, older brother and his family swimming which should be fun no doubt!

Otherwise current things being worked on/and providers working to help organize include pulmonary fup to the sleep study and cardio-pulmonary breathing issues. GC wanted to see the dietician during infusion. Ordering the blood glucose (gluc) and BP monitors to track for a few months and OT/PT. Some of this just takes much wading through to figure out how to get approved and others just finding the time + the current transition between my GC and the new GC. I also saw the NP today at my primary drs office and while ive been trying to figure out what to do do there to better utilize my internal med dr while also not creating a headache for her especially given her limited time in the office I may see if the NP can help manage some of the stuff and if setting up a regularly scheduled appt say every 6 months to go over whats going on and see where we can make improvements in care would work. Not sure..

Otherwise thats about it for now - the collective bargaining bill that was put on hold by the county judge last week has been appealed to the state supreme court which also has a right leaning judge making up what is known/expected to be a majority rule for any of our Gov's wishes/bills that are disputed. This judge those is up for re-election 4/5 and is expected to now be a very tight election with the new judge not weighing in on the issues but expected to be more balanced and fair in her voting if she gets on. We just hope the bill does not get voted on before that 1 1/2 week period in the supreme court now...

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