Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hip procedure

Just a quick post -I had the L hip injections today albeit a mix up initially (earlier this week my endocrine dr had called my pain drs office who was doing this injections for my orthopedic dr and the endocrine dr gave the PM dr the orders for the solu-cortef IV I get 1 hour prior to any procedures/surgeries and when I got to the hospital this morning the nurses initially werent aware that this needed to be done and didnt have the orders - it turns out though that it was written into my chart but hadnt been mentioned so the order was given to Pharmacy, the IV was set and run an hour before (more like 2 hours because it was originally slated for 10:30 and the procedure didnt get done till closer to 12:00 - not unexpected with this particular dr who almost always runs behind but the price to pay for a good doc.) So anyways once that was figured out, the iv set and solu-cortef run (this is the stress dose of cortisol replacement and I additionally then take larger doses of the hydrocortisone for tonight and the next 2 days and then go back to my normal dose - on bigger surgeries I take the increased dose for 5 days not the 2 days for this procedure). The procedure itself went fine - twilight sedation was used so I remember more this time than I do of any other procedure but while I remember the 2 initial injections for numbing/dye I dont remember the actual injections which is so weird - is just like lost time! I dont feel any different good or bad tonight - nothing other than the usual pain in my hip and down to knee as well which is both the inflammation and the hip itself I believe. The injections where focusing on both the hip joint abnormality and reducing inflammation around there to try to reduce the clicking and locking up problems and then also focused on trying to ease up the trocanteric bursitis. It can take anywhere from 3-10 days to see any results if you will have any and I see my ortho dr in 2 weeks. Last weekend myself, my older nephew who spent the weekend and my younger nephew who was also here along w/my sister and her family + my brother and his family took all the kids to the local aquatic center swimming - which this has a kids slide, adult indoor/outdoor slide, lazy river and varying levels of deepness. I did post a couple pictures but between my sister and law and I we took combined over 300 pictures I think in the 4 hours we where there while also watching the 2 youngers kids - Zan and Jordan who had a blast together as always and older Jordan + Quinn also hung around us quite a lot! We plan to do this again in early april - totally was feeling the aching in my hips by sat night but well worth it! Less than a week till the port a cath insertion which will be under nerve block. God bless, Erica

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