Friday, March 18, 2011

WI Union Law on hold!

First good news in WI around our new Gov in weeks/months! Judge blocked the printing of the union law from going into affect thus school districts still have time to work out new contracts and hopefully democrats and republicans can come back to the table and come up with a better proposal! We can only hope this is prevented from going into law altogether!

In other news I met with the Interventional Radiology NP yesterday and he went over the port a cath, placement, risks, benefits and management and thought despite my cardiac issues and shunt I would be a good candidate with closer monitoring. Due to my underlying issues he would likely he said monitor my port every 3-4 months for any adverse signs and he does have a protocol he uses in patients with more risks when infection/problems do occur. He also mentioned that bc he manages long term this solves the issue that some port patients have when they go through a general surgeon as general surgeon generally place a port and then the patient is done and if a problem comes up their infusion dr generally has to manage the issues. But bc he has the IR dept and expertice (sp?) in the small chance of a problem he can do long term follow up and care of his patients. In patients similar to myself the average infection rate is around 3% and he has been doing these for over a decade. He would place a power port which allows it to be used for MRIs/imaging and other uses besides just infusions and easier feel/needle insertion. When I asked about potential risk to my shunt he stated that bc the shunt ends in the peritoneal cavity and not in the blood stream there would be little to no chance that could become infected even if the port did. My cardiologist weighted in with the concerns he had with endocarditis in addition to port infection and that my chances are greater for this but said it was my choice and if it improved quality of life and I knew the risks he would support it which was nice and good. I feel that if we didnt do a port we'd run out of peripheral iv locations and then not have a spot to do the ERT in which would mean no infusion which would then certainly adversely affect my cardiac issues so with this we are taking a risk but a sort of needed risk which we will manage carefully.

My GC emailed yesterday to say she had spoken with my Insur CM about the PT/OT, gluc monitor, BP monitor, sleep study, etc. so I will get those details and figure out the next steps.
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