Friday, April 15, 2011

Abnormal Hips; arthroscopic surgery

Not to often there will be this many posts in a week! This morning I saw Interventional Radiology for fup from the port placement and all is well there and we should have the right equipment at infusion this week to access w/as the nurse this week is planning to bring what we need. The steri strips on the main incision have yet to fall off so they left these alone and we expect they will fall off in a few days. I also saw Orthopedics in follow up from the hip injection and physical therapy and my orthopod had done a little further research + took my xray and MRI films to another of his colleagues and talked to him about me. (the guy I see now handles the "complex" cases but I was sent to him by another orthopedic dr in that same clinic who does more chronic illness cases that affect orthopedic issues and whom my Pain dr has worked w/+ reccommended and sent me to. Anyways this 3rd colleague is more a hip "expert" and deals almost solely with hip issues and told my current Orthopedic dr he thought going in arthroscopically and looking around would be of benefit and give us a better idea. He wants to see me and go over options but feel arthoscopic surgery to clean out the gag storage, re-mold the edges of the hip socket/re-form it more properly and clean off the edges of the hip socket as they are jagged and malformed. (I think I got this all right). This would be only 1 side at a time and I think different than what is done in alot of MPS cases but I am not certain about that either and have to research it some more and will learn more when I talk to this new orthopedic dr. (also still in the same clinic which I jokingly said we where going to run out of partners at FMLH to see though since it is an academic center there are alot of ortho drs.) :) The reasoning is that the hip socket is to wide and deep and when you look at imaging you can clearly see what appear to be deposits and the boney edges of the hip/hip socket are abnormal though thankfully cartilage looks good. I will update soon, Erica

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