Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Few things Ortho, Easter weekend.

So I saw this new Ortho reccomended by my ortho yesterday (mon) and went fine though I was just to tired from the weekend to think of logical questions to ask to many and of course now have a few. It was a gorgeously awesome day outside and I had been at ERT all day already which really made it worse (the tiredness) as I just wasnt in the mood to be at infusion and sit around all day + w/so little sleep and then to go to the ortho appt. ZZzzz'zzzz's ZZzzzZZZzzzz's where in my brain! :) Anyways so he took some different apparently less often used type of xrays that hadnt been done yet (I did have other xrays and MRI ) and with those was able to calculate something to do with bone size and different measurements of abnormalities going on and with that told me while he feels surgery would help my symptoms that arthroscopic would not be appropriate. Because of the extreme high force they would have to use to dislocate the hip from the socket for this surgery and because 50% of my femoral head is covered in cyst or is cyst vs bone (not clear now if it is cyst covering bone or cyst replaced the bone) the risk of fracture when they dislocate the hip for arthro surgery and then put it back in place after is significantly high. With issues like this he said they only do the arthoscopic approach if there is maximum 30% involvement of the femoral head. He also said while artho is less invasive, open surgery for this issue can still be an option and here again I needed to ask what the difference is and clarify more. I can ask all these ques on fri to my ortho dr though so not particularly worried about my not having asked some questions. I know recovery time with arthro is shorter but not sure if Ortho will want to proceed with open - guess we will see.

Easter weekend was hectic - totally 100% hectic but fun. Both of my nephews 8 1/2 and 4 1/2 where here and sat went with my sister to FDL and took Zan for pics (which I did update new pics but will post easter ones soon to). That was quite funny and interesting - Zan is 100% a ham but was not having much to do with getting his pics done. My sister while we where there going through the 5-7 good pics Zan did take after took a cute pic of Zander, Quinn and I together - Q is draped over my shoulder, Zan in my lap and we look like the Zoo crew ie silly! :0) Easter was also well - the kids and I went to church which is much easier when just 1 but with both was an experience no doubt and during the instruments (trumpets) for I know that my redeemer lives and Christ is Risen Zander had his hands clamped tightly to his ears. Was very pretty but quite loud! My sister, mom and I combined easter baskets this year so the older 2 got wind up wooden airplanes with their baskets (big mistake not buying Zander one to due to the spinning propellar factor!), Alissa my oldest neice got a assortment of small webkinz with her basket (she wasnt able to come nor was my brother so have this) and two youngest got animal/butterfly carriers/butterfly nets and small webkinz as well as baskets which we hid the baskets and then also did a easter egg hunt hiding 60 eggs around the yard at my sisters. Lots of cute pics!

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