Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In-patient day 4 Post-op 1

Surgery yesterday turned out to be at about 7pm and everything went fine including intubation (thankfully - thwey used fiberoptic) and the placement of the ICP and EVD drain. When my neurosurgeon got to my side incision at my LP shunt she found that the reservoir was flipped over and she believes this was kinking the tubing and why I was so sick over the weekend. She re-situated this and ties off the shunt so no ICP would get through. I got back up to the NICU floor which is where i'll be till this EVD and ICP are removed. I cannot get out of bed without a nurse helping due to all of the monitors and wires and they have to re-calibrate the EVD drain height everytime I sit up or move. Needless this part is less than thrilling!

My neurosurgeon stopped by earlier with 2 of her team and said depending how I handle this she'll likely take out the drain, remove the LP shunt and place a VP shunt on fri. Tomorrow she is planning to do a few brain compliance testing with fluid to see how I handle this.

Ive had quite a few visitors and as well an e-card, bunch of balloons, visit from one of my pastors, my parents have been here every day since sun and the Pain Coord I work with through APF has also stopped by everyday. Non-the-less I CANNOT wait for this drain to be removed it irritates my head so much it's ridiculous everytime I move it moves a little and rubs.That and the pressures tend to drop very low at times which results in love pressure headaches orherwise really my 'normal' pressure headaches are no longer here which is nice!

Will update when I know more,


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