Monday, September 12, 2011

Admitted to Neurosurgery floor; surgery tomorrow for shunt, monitor placement

It has been a wild few days -  starting last thurs fluid was building up again around the lumbar shunt incision and swelling was also following along to the shunt reservoir and valve which where swollen so much to the point of looking lile sausages. Sat night i started getting a terrible headache so I went to bed and woke up several times the last time I got up and took a few meds to try and knock it down. I woke up again a few hours later and felt ok so figured the headache was gone and woul be ok. I got up, showered, got dressed and met my mom and we went to saukville to a car sho my Dad had his chevelle in. Needless to say 1/2 way there I started to get sick again and by the time I got to the park I was feeling nauseated and aweful, I spent the hour I was there in the very gross public bathroom and then when my Mom and I left I proceeded to throw up 2-3 more time right out in the open. Yuck and I can only imagine what other people thought. Eek!

Mom drove home and by the time we got bck to where my car was I threw up 3 more times. I got back to my apt and laid down throwing up multiple times. At one point because I was getting chills and fever/sweating to so I called my primary drs office and my internal med dr happened to be the one on call. She was concerned due to the consistent throwing up and not keeping anything down. She reccomended I go to the local ER. I did this and the ER staff admitted me in there did IV meds of zofran multiple times as well as multple trials of pain med which I would throw up multiple times after each was given with throwing up about 5-6 more times. They did CT of head and chest X-ray and then called my neurosurgeon at UW who asked that I be transferred to her at UW and she would admit me directly to the neurosurgery floor. They wanted me to go by ambulance which I ened yp doing and my parents followed behnd. Today i've been here 24 hours and I talked to the neurologist this morning that I was originally supposed to meet with w my neurosurgeon. Then a while after he left my neurosurgeon and her NP's came in. Dr.B feels from talking to the neurologist that in doing this EVD (external drain) and ICP monitoring + tying off the LP shunt will give us some answers on the brain compliance/stiffness. She talked about something where they can add to the pressure ro see how my brain compliance reacrs and I cant remember what this was as I was feeling pretty terrible and very tired when talking to her. She has this surgery on the OR schedule for tomorrow (tues) as a 'E' case meaning we wont know what time it is at until either tomorrow morning or up to as close to an hour notification before the surgery. The hard part is my parents what time do they come and also not being able to eat after midnight if the surgery isnt until the afternoon . Once the testing is done of which im not sure howmany days this will be in for but then we will have a plan for what we want to do ie keep the LP shunt tied off and put in a VP shunt or fix the current shunt with a different type of system/set up.

I will update when I know something - needless the past couple days have been very busy and crazy between the hospital in BD, the ambulance ride (which was my first) and now being hooked up here at UW on neurosurgery floor. Tomorrow after the surgery is over I will go to the NICU room whereas right now I am just on the general neurosurgery floor.
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