Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shunt surgery later today, visitors at hospital

Just a quick note about today:

My neurosurgeon just came by and she is thinking 4:00 for the surgery, she will tie off the valve/reservoir of the LP shunt and place the EVD and ICP monitors in the OR. They will then test adding saline water to see how brain complies despite stiffness and also how it complies taking away fluid. She is thinking fri for surgery probably a VP shunt if I handle this well and she will also then completely remove the LP shunt in that surgery. otherwise we will figure out what to do with the LP shunt.

Deb Gordon visited this morning and we talked quite a bit about her moving to Seattle and also talked about today and this week ie surgery wise. My regional manager for APF also stopped by with yummy looking cookies for later and a bunch of balloons one of which is a monkey and all are very cute. My Dad also found me another cat to go to with pink cat collection this one is more like a scark but adorable no less!

Will update tonight or tomorrow on ow surgery went,
Take care,


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  1. Thanks for the update, Erica. We'll be thinking of you.