Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 4 Post-Op: Drain (lumbar) removed; moving ahead on 2nd shunt

Dr.Bragg came by this morning and we opted to remove the Lumbar drain today + i'll go home for a few days, she I think to is excited how well of a response I had to the drain and said no one could doubr we where doing the right thing given my symptom resolutiion, energy increase (even with so little sleep!) and the amount of pressure that was built up when she placed the drain catheter on Weds. She said she felt bad i'd have to return to feeling bad w/headaches and symptoms for a few days but still felt it was safer by going home for a few days in between the drain being removed (stitches placed and drain removal was pretty easy just a little nerve irritation/symptoms when it was being pulled out.) and she said she'd like for me to fup with her early in the week to get the few stitches removed as she knows my skin usually gets irritated from these and this to will prevent a potential infection source. She said her nurse on mon would help figure out a time for the  actual 2nd shunt placement but she thought maybe they could even do it on fri next week. The following week, a week from this coming up thurs my parents are going on vacation so Dr.Bragg is trying to work around that but still not make me wait to long.

 I asked her if I would have to get a new pre-op done as this surgery we slid under the 1 month time frame by a few days again and so it is expired and wont carry over to this next surgery. Isnt it silly that you can have surgery one week and only a month after the last surgery but yet bc that original pre-op order was from just over a month ago you have to get a new one done. :/ Its not Dr.Bragg's fault is just a stupid rule in my opinion in cases like this where ive had so many surgeries almost consecutively/close together. She was trying to think of a way around this and thought maybe they could do it but ultimately we figure it probably has to be done by my PCP. I guess I know what i'll be doing this week. (re-scheduling, calls, paperwork).

I am hoping and praying the headaches and symptoms atleast stay resolved until sun or even mon but will see. I can hope!
All for now, will update if I know something on monday,


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