Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pictures and CSF rate drain increase

So the news for today which really isnt news is that Dr.Bragg did opt to increase the CSG drain rate every hour from 10cc/hr to 15cc/hr which the nurses I talked to said they most they ever drained was in a male as I think I mentioned yesterday and that was 18cc/hr. I apprently like to build up CSF quickly f we have both this drain working nad the VP working and finally symptom resolution! The nurses have also commented each several times how much faster I drain that 15cc every hr compared to most External lumbar drain pts they have as we get mine drained in a matter of mins and some pts they said they take as long as 20mins for their body to drip out very similar and often lower CSF count per hour! I dont know what that says about my body besides just plain weird!
                                             Collected CSF
 Actual insertion site and drain/catheter for Lumbar exteral drain

 A tie blanket ive been working on here in the hospital for my nephew "bugs"
                                         Initial collection chamber before drained in to bag.
I'll update tomorrow fri when/if I know more about overall timeline. I honestly now that I feel this great (minus no sleep in close to 2 days now) am a little depressed at the thought of having to take out the external lumbar drain and knowing symptoms will return and until we get the actual 2nd shunt placed. Certainly not that I want a 2nd shunt but I cant begin to even explain how nice it to so feel more human!
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  1. Erica

    Sorry. I'm a bit behind and just now catching up.


    I hope you continue to feel better!

  2. Photos of your abdomen brought tears to my eyes!

  3. Hey Steve, that is actually lumbar spine pics of where the low spine external drain is threaded up in to the sub arachnoid (spinal fluid space) of the spine.
    Thanks both of you for the support!

  4. Oh, didn't realize it was your back! Nevertheless, the photos illustrate just how invasive these procedures are, and I so admire your courage. And BTW, I think you would make a wonderful Mom if you ever change your mind!