Friday, April 6, 2012

Lumbar drain scheduled, Nuclear Med-cardiac test

Anna, Dr.Bragg's secretary called  earlier today (quick scheduling, I was kind of surprised actually to have heard from her so soon!) and they are scheduling the external lumbar drain placement for the 18th + Dr.Bragg must have talked to IR or Anesthesia as she has opted to schedule the placement in the actual OR vs in Interventional Radiol. This is a procedure that is otherwise typically from what ive read done at the patients bedside so clearly she has some concern about good placement and placement difficulty as well as comfort during the procedure... Anna, her secretary said they scheduled it for 3 days in-patient and I am unsure then if it works if she will place the 2nd shunt (LP) right away during that same in-patient stay. This drain does not require being in the N-ICU which is a nice thing,

Otherwise Interventional Radiology- Nuclear Med Cardiac stress testing dept called earlier about tues and that test will take 3 hours and they advised no food after midnight which was a little (lot, actually) surprising and I cant say made me very pleased. There is very little way I would make it through the stress test and dye studies without atleast a little food so I will eat something simple like toast. I cant understand how food could affect this and the lady couldnt really explain it. Strange for sure.

Will update again when there's more to update,


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