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Day 1 Day 2 Post-OP

Dec 4th - 5th,\
Yesterday was long and relatively crappy feeling with endless episodes of vomiting alongside fever, chills, inability to sleep despite having been given multiple different meds to help from benadryl, lorazepam and seveal oher meds in those classes. Most of the things I would try to eat and the meds I took orally I endeed yp throwing  up countless times a 1/2 a dozen time and probably many more times having started in the morning and going well in to last night although less so.

Dr.Bragg came by in the afternoon and due to my symptoms opted to clamp the CSF drain for an hour and then turned the level of CSF up that would drain from being 'Zero'ed' (in which we where making aroud 90cc of CSF in a 6 hour period which Dr.Bragg said is a huge amout of fluid to drain (especially given I do have the functioning LP shunt).  She now has the drain set at 10 and we may still decrease that amount on the CSF drain to drain more CSF,  We have some figuring out to do. to get the symptoms under control and make the best decision for fixing the shunt. Dr.Bragg talked about some ideas and really stressed that even thought it will take time likely we arent out of options and she does believe she can help.

Dr.Bragg and the Residents took a CSF sample and ran that due to the fevers I was having alongside all the vomiting and this result came back with some funky bug. The opted to run a second sample so once I hear from the Resident or Dr,Bragg on the CSF results from this 2nd test I will update that here as an addendum.  Originally the Resident was going to have me on food restriction due to the original CSF result but they opted to do the 2nd CSF draw and culture. I am unsure when nthose cultures will come bclk but will update,
I hope today goes well. .

I like information, I like information a lot (as most who visit here have probably figured out), if that makes me "anxious" or "controlling" so be it I wont and wouldnt apologize for this trait as I think it is one every patient and parent should have and I think it can only help a patient get better care and make better care decisions. I would never apologize for the way I feel; sure I would and have apologized here or there for sometimes asking questions after the fact and for changing my mind and for not being certain of what I feel but those traits to I think are ok to have as I think it makes our (good, anyways) doctors realize we to are people and not just patients. People with lives outside of being patients and who atleast in my case sometimes very much over-think what I am trying to figure out and over-think what I am considering but in the end I think all of these things have helped make me a better, more educated and better understanding patient but not consumed by what I have and instead what I have is just a part (albeir often a big part) of my life.

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Tues Dec 4th
It is mid-night on day 2 post-op although it wont have been 48 hrs until mid-Weds afternoon.   I slept maybe an hour the first night (monday) and tonight have slept on and off a couple hrs here and there for maybe 4 total so far? The days have been pretty darn good headache wise but nights are our battle and tonight is no exception the Headache is immense and un-pleasant so I figured I would just stay up for awhile and do this or something else.

Earlier today the head nurse who was my nurse for the better part of the day (7-3) said to me that he wasnt sure who my night nurse was going to be as the nurse who wanted me and had gotten me for the last 3/4's of the night before ended up being sick but he told me I have no doubt any number of the nurses will be vying for you because everyone asks for and wants you on their patient team/load! How sweet is that, really? I've said it before though the nurses on this floor are pretty great and they all work well together and will go out of their way to help, the one brings in all kinds of food "for midnight snacks" to chose from (love that!) and the others genuinely just seem to care and not that I want to be here or they want me to be here but if I am then they want to be there to help and make it as good as possible.  Ive had a resident stop by a few times today; from things he's talked about he seems kind of troubled but nice and also just seems like the type of person with no family and lonely. The nurses kept walking the halls checking to make sure everything was ok (he was just standing in the doorway) and then finally one came and took him to his room and said to me "I am sorry if he bothers you again just call us", I didnt really mind though sometimes someone just needs another person who they feel like is in similar straits to listen and so I can offer that one small thing. :)

Dr.Bragg yesterday (tues) morning wanted to let the drain flow at its current level (zeroed) for another 12-24 hrs - I was asleep taking a nap when her NP stopped by again late yesterday afternoon to check in (Emily was with Dr.Bragg in the morning) and so this morning Dr.Bragg will make adjustments. One thing she said was she might lower the amount the drain level so more CSF drains as we are trying to figure out this nightime and morning stuff.

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