Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Didnt take long.. Back in the Hospital (Xmas Eve morn)

3 or so weeks ago when I was admitted for that first (of now will be 4 in 4 weeks) surgery and a day after I found out I had a shunt infection  so it would be a much more drawn out course and the nurses said "Ooh so you'll be here for Christmas?" I really thought "no way, isnt happening, i'll be busted out of here by then"... What  with having to do a week of IV antibiotics, remove all the shunt parts, another week of IV Anti-b's alongside the External Drain and then replace one of the shunts plus plan to finish the IV meds at home after 5 more days in the hospital I DID make it out and we planned to  replace the 2nd shunt in 2nd week of Jan. That whole making it out part lasted a whole few hours, maybe 1 or 2 till I started to feel sick and then progressivelly more and more sick as the few hours I was out wore on....
Sadly I am back at UW Hospital again; this time less than 24 hrs after I left.

I got discharged around I think 3:30-4:30 I  once we got done in Pharmacy and then I had wanted to stop at Target in  Sun Prairie on the way home and after we went to my Apt in Juneau where we took in all my hospital stuff and collected my presents for Christmas Eve. By that time my headache was aweful and so we had my nephews Mom just drop him off in BD.

By I guess it was 8 or 9:00 and as soon as we got back to my parents house I went downstairs in their spare room and laid down. (which even propped up made it all the worse and to which I began to throw up first on the floor which I was so shaky and sweaty/cold I couldnt even get up to clean up, thetn when I couldnt fall asleep I got up to the bathroom came back and  threw up some more, over and over and over for about 3 hrs. Not even the 2 different nausea meds I have helped. Finally since I was at my parents for the night I went up and woke my Dad up to take me to the local ER; there they did a head CT (showed the air from when we took out the External drain) and meds while the ER dr called down to UW and spoke directly to my Neurosurgeon (thankfully she was on-call) and within an hour and a half I was transfered via ambulance to UW-Neurosurgery floor where they planned to replace the External drain that day (it was very early Christmas Eve morning maybe 2 or 3:00 when I got to UW). On the floor at UW and off the ambulance they gave more meds and Neuro checks and I finally fell asleep for a few hours. That morning they transfered me to the Neuro-ICU bc of the planned External Drain and closer monitoring. When Dr.Bragg came by she was sweet and brought Christmas Reindeer balloon and Christmas kitty globe .  
                              From Dr.Bragg the first day she came in (Xmas Eve)

She decided against doing the drain bc instead she wanted to put in the 2nd shunt as soon as Christmas day or the day after. Christmas Day she opted for doing it Weds due to a more open schedule and this way my family (or my parents, nephew, sister and 1 of my 3 brothers came and my Mom brought Christmas dinner and dessert)s) (I am not very hungry) but was so nice to have those few hours together as it has been pretty sad missing everything about Christmas basically otherwise. I watched a Lutheran Christmas Eve service last night on TV which made me a little less lonely for Christmas Eve day and night. My parents brought a couple presents today but as a family we are (as long as I am out of the hospital) going to do on sunday with all of my siblings and most of my nieces and nephews.
                    My brother Aaron and our nephew Zander playing on the computer at the hospital
                                            Two Peas in a Pod - Love these two!

Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow they think likely late morning or early afternoon and so far as I know we will be placing a VP shunt but along a new shunt line (new tunneling vs the old shunt tract) and I know Dr.Bragg has talked about placing this one at the back of my head and down the L side if she can do it with my already having the Port there. The soreness from last weeks surgery and the swelling in my lumbar spine surgery from 2 weeks ago's surgery havent yet healed or gone away so I am not entirely excited to inflict even more discomfort. Heaven help me. (God is the only one who has the power to and with him as guide Dr.Bragg will do well. I pray all of this soreness heals soon.
Merry Christmas and although I spent it in the hospital I am still grateful for my life, my family, friends and today especially for a good Neurosurgeon who is amazing.
God Bless,



  1. Erica,

    What can I say? I'm so sorry that this is happening to you. I wish all of your friends and family could help take some of this burden from you.

    I'm glad that you were able to spend the day with family, and that your team was right there, ready to help.

    Merry Christmas. MPS sucks.


  2. WOW, you just can not seem to catch a break. I will be praying for you and your family during this time. Although we may not be able to be there, there are many people who are thinking about you and praying over you.