Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Surgery, Nurses, gifts

Surgery will be in the afternoon tomorrow (today Weds) though I wont know an exact time until the Residents round. Dr.Bragg plans to take out the drain and VP shunt as well as the LP shunt and then place the external ventricular drain (EVD). We will leave this all in till next week Tues or Weds or the infection is gone atleast 72 hours after an initial clear CSF culture. So likely next week.

Below is cards my sunday school kids made this past weekend and which my Co-teacher brought today when she came to visit for several hours. Joan and I went to the cafeteria and I will completely miss the ability to wander around the hospital over the next week! I think in the morning I am going to venture over to the Children's giftshop for one last stroll - I just take the IV pole with CSf drain and IV fluid, etc with me.

  This is a gift of ornaments my one nurse April brought me today as she was headed to a meeting. I have a small tree in my room and a light up Santa and she didnt want my tree to go without ornaments (I just had a couple on it). Love these nurses! :)

Will update after the surgery or in next couple days,


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