Thursday, December 26, 2013

Surgery; Exposed (VP) Shunt site

I was re-admitted to the Neurosurgery floor today (Thurs) in-order that Labs (specifically/especially INR which was just a tad high at 1.8 per the Nurse), Chest Xray, Urine culture and Exam. Otherwise I have just been wandering the hospital some early this afternoon (had to check-in at 1:00) and then hanging in my room. A good friend of mine came to visit tonight for several hours which was lovely. One of her kiddos also has a shunt and complex shunt issues so she completely gets all this

Surgery is scheduled at 12:30/12:50 (somewhere in there) tomorrow under General Anesthetic to cover the exposed VP shunt catheter site. The exposed site is located right next to the programmable valve which Dr.Bragg said last weekend is usually a little more difficult of an area to close. I don't know actual details of what she will do yet but she still plans to cover this open area, followed by continuing treating with antibiotics and in several weeks (Jan 14th) move the VP shunt location although I don't know if that means just moving the distal location or if she plans to move the entire shunt to a different site? Either way the surgery is 2-part in a sense, several weeks apart.

I know this is short but thanks for stopping by, prayers appreciated!
I'll update when I get a chance,

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