Saturday, December 21, 2013

VP shunt visible, Admitted via ER at UWHC-Surgery.

Just a quick post- Several weeks ago I had an Appt to go and get my haircut but at the almost last minute had called and cancelled it as I wasn't feeling well (headahces, ironically) and so I called the other day and went instead today (Fri). Anyways, my hairstylist today asked me while cutting my hair if I had had a shunt revision on the VP shunt recently of which I haven't and and she commented something along the lines of "oh this looks different, something is different with it". I didn't think to much about it till a little later and so I (as best I could) looked at the area and noted the shunt catheter appeared to be sticking out of incision and visible in about an inch area!
Not entirely knowing what to do (my brilliance) I posted on fb asking if others have experienced this which a few commented asking if I was sure it wasn't scar tissue (very sure!) or something normal.. Dr.Bragg commented that no, it isn't normal and unfortunately she thought I needed to head to the ER. =/
Anyone who remembers last year knows this is particularly disappointing bc her and I spent last Christmas with me under her care due to the shunt infection and the virtual entire month of Dec. in-patient!
Needless, I finished up at the store and called my Dad after talking to Dr.Bragg's Secretary (who Dr.Bragg had already talked to) and headed back to my Apt to pack a bag. My Co-Sunday School Teacher was meeting me at my Apt to get the supplies I had for our group-Sunday School (Christmas) meeting which after our lesson, having to do w the nativity scene we where making nativity banners w felt and dowels.

While meeting Joan at my Apt I could then give her the gifts (ornaments) we had bought for our kids. She it turns out ended up coming w me to the ER in Madison and spending from around 6-11/11:30 hanging out w/me while the ER did it's thing and we waited for a room on the Neurosurgery floor. She is AMAZING, how many friends seriously would take the time to go w a friend and spend their whole Fri night sitting in a ER?

The Neurosurgery Resident came by and did a Shunt tap (off the VP shunt) once I was in a room on the Neurosurgery fl to test for/rule out CSF infection. The Lab person did 2 blood draws to check for/rule out blood infection and the Nurses are coming back in a bit to access the Port in order to start IV antibiotics. The plan is to let the INR level trend down over the next few days and then do surgery I guess to replace or revise the VP shunt. I am not entirely sure what the plan is yet and won't know for sure I don't think till Dr.Bragg comes by (I assume) in the morning. I just pray I am healed and out of here by the time she goes on vacation!! I don't think she will do the Thoracic Peritoneal shunt while I am in-patient this time both b/c she doesn't like to mix 2 different areas/surgeries in one and then not know for sure what worked and 2. I imagine she will want to wait and do the TP shunt as scheduled in Jan.-I am more than ok with not doing both right now!

1. The part of the VP shunt cathether that is visible.
2, 3. Joan and I goofing around w 'balloon' gloves' (see the sign)
Tomorrow my Mom, Sister and I had planned to decorate our Christmas cookies (late this year) so it seems it will be another Christmas not doing this. Last year my Mom brought the frosting (she makes homemade) and the sprinkles to my hospital room along w cleaning supplies (to clean before we decorated) and then we went ahead and did it anyways. I am hoping maybe we will do something like that again this year? Guess tomorrow will tell!
I will update when I know anything more.

Hopefully the CSF and blood labs come back clear and hopefully this surgery whenever it is goes well and as well we are able to get INR back up to a therapeutic level fairly quickly post-surgery!

As disappointed as I am to be back here, spending it seems Christmas here again ( =/ ) I do know God has a greater purpose and so I have to put my trust and Faith in him!
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  1. Erica, I'm so sorry about your latest set-back...seems like the timing always is awful. On the other hand, any time this happens is awful. Hang in there and know you're loved by many, many folks. John 14:27