Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas! (released, re-admit Thurs for Friday surgery)

Merry Christmas!!
Sorry for no update regarding what is going on with the exposed (VP) shunt catheter. See below for the details regarding getting released this past Sunday but Dr.Bragg had decided I could go home on Sunday instead of Monday and she would bring me back on Thurs and then surgery is still Fri. I have to be back at UW at 1:00 on Thurs to be re-admitted to the Neurosurgery floor and then they will likely do labs to check INR (blood thinner level) and any other testing needed pre-surgery. The actual surgery Fri atleast as last planned was to be under General Anesthetic (meaning intubation).
Dr.Bragg wasn't yet sure on Sunday when I talked to her what she was going to do to temporarily cover the exposed catheter so I don't know those details, she often thinks over these surgeries right up till surgery in order to come up w a best plan. I am hopeful since I will have to go back in again Jan 14th for the actual surgery to move this shunt location that I will be able to get INR up fairly easily (post-surgery) and get out maybe as soon as Monday? I honestly don't know what she is thinking... This surgery was just a temporary cover in a sense so that the catheter isn't continue to be exposed to the outside and thus germs have an easy entrance site.. At the same time she said if she where to move the shunt right away in this surgery from their experience there has been a higher long term infection risk.. thus why she is doing this in 2 parts.

I have just been glad to have been home for a few days though I have to admit I felt more than a bit frazzled everyday since in trying to get the things done I needed to! Monday included Labs, ERT at CHW, pack everything for my parents today (we celebrate Christmas present opening Christmas Eve morning), My sister, Mom, nephews and I also decorated Cookies Monday night at my parents. Then when I finally got home in addition to packing up the presents I cleaned my Apt some (seems like tree needles EVERYWHERE!). Today after getting home from celebrating Christmas Eve morning/early afternoon at my parents and then later running errands (picking up meds, store, etc) I did some packing for Thurs re-admit, took down my tree and a bunch of other inconsequential things but that I needed to take care of! It didn't help that I forgot my planner and paperwork at home Monday that I wanted to do at ERT so I was working on that stuff in-between the past few days too!

Tonight I was able to go to my Church's Kids program (parochial school PreK-8 grade) which was lovely and so nice to be there in person versus watching a Christmas Eve service on TV like last year!

Written Sunday Dec 22 Alright so the now new plan is (found out mid-Sunday afternoon) that I get to be released Sunday evening on oral Clindamycin (antibiotic) instead of IV Clindamycin and a day earlier than they had planned due to there being the oral version of this antibiotic available. This in turn means I will go to ERT at CHW (Children's Hosp.) Monday morning per normal schedule vs being infused at UW, in-patient. Since my INR had continued to increase despite no increase in the Coumadin dose Dr.Bragg and the Pharmacist wrote an prescription for the injection Lovenox but don't expect i'll actually need to use it. I have to do a INR blood-lab test Monday while at CHW. Instead of admitting me the morning of surgery as formerly planned Dr.Bragg is also now planning with her team to direct admit me to the Neurosurgery floor Thurs. at which time they will do Lab draws to re-check INR. If this level is still to high they can then give a med to counteract the blood thinner and which makes the blood at a more surgery appropriate blood (clotting) level.

I'll update sometime Thurs with any details I learn regarding Fri's surgery.
If you believe in prayer, please pray that 1. surgery goes well and easy. and 2. That I get released from the hospital before Dr.Bragg goes on vacation (not sure when that is)!!!
A Prince was born to save OUR sins!

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