Monday, March 17, 2014

Home sweet Home (again)

I got released yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, my Dad picked me up and from their house I came back to my Apt which I think was around 4:30. Pretty much the only things I did when I got home where un-pack whatever I had w/me at the hospital and vacuum (just one of those things it drives me crazy if I don't atleast every couple days w the cats) and I laid down around 6:30 I think.
As much as I'd have like to just stay in bed I did get up, shower and go to ERT (in Milw) today which the actual infusion seems like a blur but I am finally home, in my PJ's and on the couch! Between my head and being tired the day just seemed a lot like a blur though it went pretty fast. :)

On a 'this is completely opposite of last surgery but i'll take it' kind of note even after getting the 2 bags of Plasma Fri pre-surgery to reverse INR and skipping the Fri night dose of Coumadin I was still at 1.68 Sunday (well within the 2-3 range) and today when re-tested at ERT for tomorrow's Cardiology Appt (same hospital) my level was 2.98. The Cardiology Team adjusted the dose to 6mgs/7 days a week and we'll re-eval dosing tomorrow since i'll be on this antibiotic (which is the likely culprit of the quick to increase INR level) till the 28th.

The odd discomfort I was having last week (was also worse on Thurs, I think everything was Thurs!?) hasn't gotten worse, it is still there but I do wonder if it is just the CSF occasionally building up as it drains or something related to the TPL Shunt. Non-the-less I hope it completely goes away when we put in the new, smaller in profile valve the 28th!
Otherwise I think I am going to lay down with an ice pack in a little bit and nap for awhile, I am soooo tired (from basically not sleeping while I was in-patient Thurs night-Sun afternoon) other than I think an occasional hour here or there a couple times.
I am glad to be home, wish I didn't have to go to Mn this week but I would imagine if I can get somewhat caught up on sleep it will be ok.
My cats are curled up on the chair and floor around me so I don't think they will be very pleased when I leave again Weds afternoon!
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