Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shunt revisions scheduled 5:30/7:30

Surgery is scheduled at 7:30 tomorrow with check-in at 5:30. This is the first surgery (with Dr.Bragg) I've had since the heart surgeries where I've not been pre-admitted the day before and I am not yet sure if INR was in-range (low enough) so am not sure if we'll have to do Plasma as w/2 of the last 3 of Dr.Bragg's surgeries but hopefully not! :)

Per Dr.Bragg's wishes I had INR re-drawn today for tomorrow's surgery which was ok, I guess since my infusion Nurse could then access the Port for tomorrow's surgery; the results would still be read by Cardiology and faxed to Dr.Bragg.
While walking up to the Lab to meet my Nurse Dr.Bragg's Secretary called, when I talked to her she asked if I had any way to get the Cardiology clinic note, recent EKG and Echo results faxed to them by 2 that afternoon as Anesthesia was on their case and if the records weren't there by 2:00 surgery could be cancelled. I know the clinic note is automatically sent to Dr.Bragg per the NP as she is listed on my CHW 'Care Team' so I assume the record just didn't or doesn't get where it is supposed to go? Non-the-less I was able to walk down to the Cardiology Clinic and ask the Secretary if she could have Nancy, my NP fax the records as soon as possible which she did! No doubt I was a little stressed during that period, waiting to see if it would get done in time!

Last but not least I finally booked flights for Boston and fly in on Fri late afternoon (am hoping I can make Good Fri afternoon Church Services) and fly out Monday evening. I am excited this is done!

Will post updates either tomorrow afternoon/evening or sometime Sat.
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