Friday, March 14, 2014

VP Shunt, Admitted to D6-4 (Neurosurg.) for catheter

Just a really quick update (i'll update when I have more information) that while twirling my hair absentmindedly (I was working and finishing up my Sunday School lesson for Sunday) =/ I realized not only did the area around my VP shunt feel damp (I admittedly hadn't even changed out of my pajamas much less gotten through the shower despite it being mid/late afternoon) but the VP Shunt felt like it was really close to the surface, similar to when my hairstylist found it exposed back in Dec.

I know this had to have happened sometime in the last week as Lindsey (hairstylist) even commented last wk that the shunt site looked really good and no catheter was visible!
I rarely use a comb much less a brush in my hair (finger comb it if anything) so that wouldn't be what caused this, I just am not sure what would. =/ If anything the skin must just be tired of having a catheter underneath it and so many surgeries over the past 2 1/2 years? I don't know? =(
I was able to see semi-well enough via a camera pic (hard to bend my neck enough fwd to see at the angle my shunt is in the mirror) that the catheter was in fact poking through the skin again in a semi-small area. Not entirely sure what to do I called Neurosurgery on-call and the Resident paged Dr.Bragg. She apparently had seen a pic I posted on fb as she knew right away when the Resident paged her about me and she told him to direct admit me + to tap the shunt, (draw off CSF) run blood labs, and start IV antibiotics as a precaution. She or the Resident even called admitting to let them and Security know I was to bi-pass the ER and to have them just send me up to D6-4 (neurosurgery) + have a room assigned to me. The Admitting ofc called me shortly after I talked to the Resident to pass along some of this information to. I guess that was a small consolation for having to come back up here? =/?

Some of the very sweet Nurses always make it a little better and one of my favorites got assigned to me, she said to me shortly after I got here "We are always happy when you are here", not that they want me here just that they like having me I guess. :) After a semi-rough wk with some really mean comments from 2 different people (but a TON of really sweet comments ro refute those other 2) Evey's and the Nurses comments really meant ALOT! I always wonder if people know how much their kind words and actions really mean?

On a different note and I don't think related (but I also don't know) for the past few days and especially today I have been having a strong discomfort (but isn't something I would describe as pain) in my mid/upper spine, actually kind of near where the valve is but not centered there) and up to my shoulder/across and goes almost feels like right through my body to my inner core and can especially feel it with breathing. Has been really odd but I have no idea what is causing it/what it would be from! Who knows sometimes!

In any case I have no idea what the plan is, ie the labs look good so far so per the Resident he said Drragg wasn't sure if she was going to do like last time treat with antibiotics for a bit and send me home (would mean I could probably go to Mn for the study as scheduled next Weds-Fri and keep the Cardiology Appt on Tues) + bring me back on the normal surgery date (to change the TPL Shunt valve) on the 28th or will she want to do the surgery sometime sooner while I am still admitted this time? It is an infection risk with the shunt exposed but antibiotics can offer some protection so I am not sure yet!
Stay tuned, will update when I hear from her,

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