Thursday, June 23, 2016

Appt w Neurosurgeon set, thankful for Team helping!

An Appt with the new Neurosurgeon, (Dr.Bragg's former Resident, the 1 who had during his training  been in on a few of my shunt surgeries w Dr.Bragg) is next Weds. -
I want to say he was in on 3 of my surgeries w her during his training and graduated (residency/training) last summer  but not entirely sure about that last part.
His interest apparently isn't Hydrocephalus  (lol different people, 1 a Nrsgn and 2 Nurses have pointed this out) but is apparently following some of Dr.Bragg's former Pts and was willing to see me. So we'll  see, I am open to trying.

When I looked back at the notes I have a while back I believe 3 is the # of times I saw his name listed as Resident under but not absolutely certain.
Anyways his ofc called today to schedule the Appt for next Weds, as an "add on" for his schedule  which is also when Dr.Bragg's former Secretary told me she expected the Appt was going to be.
Anna (Peds Neurosurgery) Secretary is ironing out the MRI scan  (timing, she changed it to the same morning. The Prds Neurosurgery NP or Nurses are set to re-program the shunts right after the scan which I'll  go up to their clinic (same site).  

They  are repeating the scan before for the Appt (ventricle size had changed a small amount on imaging done a month ago, right before Dr.Bragg left) and then re-program and go over to the Appt. which is off site.
I had forgotten about it initially and when this Neurosurgeons Secretary/scheduler called today she had no idea (lol) how to go about scheduling for the shunts to be reprogrammed so Dr.Bragg advised talking to Anna and having her help to make sure it gets done right after. Thankfully Anna (who is a godsend) had it sorted out when she called me back this morning.
I actually can't remember if the Adult side even has a reprogrammed but Prds is doing it after this scan. It Amy be Prds always does the reprogramming?  I honestly can't remember but want to say they'd have to go get the scanner from Peds side whenever my valves where being re-programmed on Adult Neurosurgery floor (was never a huge issue on my part, the 2 hospitals are connected a via skywalk).
Either way not a huge deal but something we need to sort prior to the scan.

Otherwise this Nrsgn (Wendell Lake, MD) has access to the CT Scan imaging done at CHW (by my Cardiology Team, they where originally looking at something else in chest/lungs) and Anna/Dr.Bragg seem to think if I remember right they'll  have to tap 1 of the shunts to test CSF for infection  (I believe  fluid done  about a month ago was negative so that's a good sign).

Otherwise I can't say enough how much I appreciate Dr.Bragg talking to this Dr.Lake on my behalf! This despite her being in AZ now and her talking to my Cardiologist to about his concern /what they felt might be needed. She's  AMAZING!!!

On an unrelated and not all that important  (but so weird!) note I was thinking about my schedule the other morning, trying to fall back asleep and thinking about the past 3yrs especially. 3yrs ago I had the 1st Open Heart surgery on July 23, then last year 2 yrs after that 1st OHS almost to the day (20th) I had the Heart Cath/Heart Rhythm Study to look more closely at mitral valve, heart function and heart/lung levels + they where seeing then if there was a particular rhythm they may be able to ablate. For that we used the same Crdoac Anesthesia Dr as all prior cardiac surgery/procedure.
Fast fwd a yr, I've since started the Ivabradine  (last summer)  for heart function and rhythm and had the Mitral valve replacement (Jan) which went a lot better than my Team thought it might.
Fast fwd again  to this coming July, we've cont'd to have issues w to fast of heart rate and problems that's affecting the heart muscle/function and somewhat subtly to the new valve so a heart rhythm study and ablation (to try and 'kill' (ablate) the abnormally fast rate, slow down heart and in turn help heart function).
That date? July 21st. I hadn't realized/thought about this when we scheduled it (was scheduling a bit out so I could use the same Anesthesia dr. as the other times) but bizarrely weird!  I remember joking with the Anesthesia Dr last yr about being under her care almost exactly a yr after the 1st OHS (we'd then had the 2nd OHS in Sept that yr)!
I'm not sure of the almost 40 shunt revisions I've had, all but 3 w Dr.Bragg we ever had surgery dates multiple yrs in a row so close together  (other than Christmas 2 yrs in a row). But then again maybe since there where many I just don't remember!?!

One of those oddly weird things!

In any case will update after next wk.
A little nervous  (grateful this Nrsgn comes so highly recommended and Dr.Bragg"s helping from afar) but tad nervous no less.
Thanks for coming by,


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